DIY Vintage Wedding Table Chart

Vintage Wedding Table Chart

Make your wedding charmingly rustic with this gorgeous vintage wedding table chart – the perfect balance between functionality and décor!

DIY Vintage Wedding Table Chart

Suitable for : Beginners

Time to make : Around one and a half hours

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. To begin, carefully unclip back of frame, removing the backing board and glass, you will not use this glass so put to the side.
  2. Iron your hessian and place the backing board on top, leave around 10 cms of fabric around the edges and cut away the excess.
  3. Double fold the hessian so it has a neat edge and tape firmly to the back of the board so there is no sagging.
  4. Cut the 1.20cm length of lace in half and attach horizontally to the top and middle of the board, use a blob of glue gun glue at each end ensuring that there is enough space to hang the table cards in-between.
  5. Place the frame back on the board clipping the edges closed, do not replace the glass.
  6. Cut the backs off the tall insert cards and either hand-write or print off the table numbers and guests names on the front, these cards are printable.
  7. Use the heart pegs to attach the cards to the lace.
  8. Decorate with butterflies and flowers.

Vintage Wedding Table Chart

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