DIY Vintage Lace Bunting

DIY Vintage Lace Bunting

Bunting is the quintessential party decoration. Give your wedding venue some extra-special vintage charm with this gorgeous, elegant vintage lace bunting.

Did you know?

DIY Vintage Lace Bunting

Suitable for : Intermediate sewers

Time to make : Around one and a half hours

What you Need

How to Make

  1. Iron the fabric and fold in half lengthways, so that the pattern is facing outwards. Following the bunting pattern, on the fold, cut out four triangles from each of the fabrics, leaving 1 cm seam allowance around the open edges.
  2. Open out the fabric sections and iron in the seam allowance, then fold so patterned side is facing outwards again.
  3. Cut a length of the lace trim to 3 meters, this will be where the fabric will hang from.
  4. To edge the bunting, cut 12 x 50 cm lengths of the remaining lace. Pin into the two open sides, so its edge is sandwiched inside. Stitch down and complete for each triangle of fabric.
  5. To attach the fabric triangles to bunting, alternate each at equal spacing along the lace.

DIY Vintage Lace Bunting

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