Meet the Maker: DIY Bride Nicki Masters

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

Summer is the season for weddings, so we just couldn’t resist having a quick chat with a bride who got crafty with hers. Nicki Masters recently got married to one of our very own, Ben Masters, and gave us the lowdown on how they DIY-ed their wedding…

DIY Bride Nicki Masters

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

Tell us a bit about yourself. What are your crafting passions?

By day I am a product owner for a computer software group and by night I am an art’s & craft’s enthusiast.
I have always loved anything to do with art’s & crafts since a young age and will try my hand at anything that inspires me or that I find a need for.
My main craft projects generally revolve around papercraft, painting, scrapbooking & sewing.

What made you want to have a handmade wedding?

I had a very clear image of how I wanted our wedding to look in my head (even before Ben even proposed!) and I couldn’t quite find exactly what I wanted so along with also loving to create things myself it made perfect sense to hand make the items exactly how I wanted, it is also a lot cheaper to make everything yourself.

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

There are so many things to plan and organise. How did you get started?

Lists, lists & more lists!
I started with a list of the different sections of the wedding like Clothing, the Church, the Venue etc I then broke this list down into more lists for example the venue started with table decorations, flowers, cake etc
From this I then started to work through the list and hope I had enough time!

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

What inspired the theme for your big day?

I had two themes joined together as I couldn’t decide which I liked better!
I loved the vintage feel which helped with the invites and bouquets etc but I also love rainbows and colourful country chic so I tried to blend these two themes together.

Were there any blogs that you found particularly helpful?

I used this tutorial from 3d jewellery to help make my button boquet.
I also used the Hobbycraft blog – this was really good for inspiration and seeing how you can use and manipulate certain items to get the best out of them. For example, I used my Cricut explore a lot and on the blog I found many different ways to use it.

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

How did you keep on track? Do you have any time saving tips?

Lists again help to keep you on track and manage your time along with getting the support of friends and anyone else you can find.

Did you have any crafting disasters along the way?

There was one element which ended up not being included, photo frames for our mock up photo booth! Partially due to the disaster that happened trying to make them and partly as we ran out of time.

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

What were your guest reactions? Where there any favourite makes?

They seemed to love everything, from the invitations to the bouquets. One of our guest’s couldn’t attend and so some of the button flowers were taken for her, some other guests took the jars and other guests took the table frames (bands to identify tables instead of numbers).

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

Did you have any crafting companions to help you?

My now husband helped on occasions & he did spray paint all the jars for me, a friend of ours painted the canvas which our guests signed with messages but I did a lot of the things myself but again I did really enjoy it so came easy to me.

What were the five essential pieces of kit you couldn’t be without?

Cricut explore, glue gun, sharp knife, scissors, paint.

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

What are your five top tips for brides and grooms ready to embark on their own handmade wedding adventure?

  • Give yourself plenty of time.
  • Make sure you allow extra time for mistakes & lessons learned along the way & always remember every mistake is a step closer to the finished piece.
  • Try and buy everything you need of the same item in one go (stock may sell out or be discontinued if you wait and go back).
  • Have a crafting room or area specifically set up with all your kit (ideally away from any distractions)
  • Have fun!

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

Are there any wedding trends you think are going to be big for 2017?

Vintage will continue I think for a while longer, and country style is going to get bigger a lot more weddings this year seem to be in that style.

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

And for the future? Anymore crafty projects on the horizon?

Currently my next two projects are scrapbooks, one for the wedding and one for the honeymoon.

DIY Bride Nicki Masters #diy #wedding #bride #craft

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