How to Sew a Decorative Fabric Heart

This patchwork heart is the perfect quick and simple homecraft project if your new to the world of crafting. You don’t need a lot of materials to get started either which is an added bonus. Leftover scraps of fabric and buttons that you’ve been hoarding in a drawer somewhere are great, you could even use items of old clothing that are damaged or that you no longer wear for an up-cycling project.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Start by choosing the fabric and the embellishments that you want to use to apply to your heart shape.
  2. Cut fabrics to size using the heart as a guide.
  3. Stitch the cut fabrics making sure to not only pick up the fabric you are applying, but also the calico base of the heart; using a whip stitch* is best for securing fabrics.
  4. Once happy with the position and layout of the fabrics it’s time to start adding decorative stitches and embellishments. Blanket stitch around the edge of your heart using two strands of your choice of embroidery thread.
  5. Cut a 14cm long and 2cm wide strip of fabric using pinking shears, this will be used to make the hanging loop for the heart.
  6. Fold the strip in half and stitch a button in place at the open end.
  7. Apply the button and fabric hanging loop to the patchwork heart.

* Whip stitches pass over the edge of a seam or join in fabrics. It’s not an invisible stitch, however it does lay flat. It can also be used as a decorative stitch.

Front of the patchwork heart

The finished front of the patchwork heart.

Patchwork heart back

As you wouldn’t really see the back of the heart I choose a slightly plainer fabric.

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