How to Decorate Noel Mache Letters

Mache letters are a great fun craft all year round, but these ‘Noel’ letters are extra special, with a festive touch just for Christmas.

Decorated in icy blue and white colours they’d fit right into a winter wonderland, or if you prefer you could pick gold glitter and red papers instead for a warmer more traditional design. Either way, they’ll give your house a bit of extra sparkle!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint your snowflake all over with white paint – take your time, as it gets quite fiddly! Paint the sides of all your letters, going over the edges slightly. Doing this means you won’t see any brown later when covering with paper.

How to Decorate Noel Mache Letters #christmas #mache #noel

2. When they are all dry give them a second coat – this will give a more even finish.

3. Paint glue onto the front of your snowflake. Make sure you get to the edges and that the glue is nice and even but not spread too thinly. Pour white glitter over the entire snowflake, wait a few minutes and then shake off. When it is dry, do the same on the reverse.

Top Tip! Lay some newspaper down before you start to protect your work surface and to collect the leftover glitter later!

How to Decorate Noel Mache Letters #christmas #mache #noel

4. Choose some decorative Christmas papers to decorate the fronts of the letters. Get your pencil and draw around each letter, then turn the letter over and draw around it again. Cut your paper letters out slightly smaller than you have drawn.

How to Decorate Noel Mache Letters #christmas #mache #noel

5. Paste glue onto your mache letters and stick your Christmas paper on top, smoothing it down as you go. Repeat with the other side. Do this for all of your letters.

How to Decorate Noel Mache Letters #christmas #mache #noel

6. Using your paintbrush, dab spots of glue over the front of your letters, and sprinkle glitter over the top. This just adds an extra touch of sparkle!

How to Decorate Noel Mache Letters #christmas #mache #noel

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