How to Decopatch Hanging Hearts

How to Decopatch Hanging Hearts #mache #decopatch

These pretty decoupage hanging hearts make great gifts for friends and family. They can be easily personalised with all manner of embellishments to make it the perfect gift for the lucky recipient.

If you’ve never tried decoupage before this is a great project to get you started, as the heart shapes are quick and easy to cover with decorative papers.

Suitable for: Beginners


You will need How to make
  1. Cut paper into squares and rectangles of random size.
  2. Generously spread glue onto the first heart and use the paintbrush to pick up and position squares.
  3. Cover with more glue to fix it into position.
  4. For curved areas make one centimetre snips into the patch before applying for a neater finish
  5. Continue until the entire surface is covered and leave to dry.
  6. Decorate two of the hearts in a patchwork of colours and two plain.


Use some string to thread through the ring on the top of the hearts and hang off of a door handle (or similar) to dry.


How to Decopatch Hanging Hearts #mache #decopatch



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