Custom Clothing Made Easy


I have been bitten by the Sewing Bee bug, and armed with my trusty sewing machine I have been busy customising some unloved items of clothing that have been lurking at the bottom of my wardrobe and giving them a new lease of life.

It was somewhat of a learning curve, as both of the items I customised were made from jersey which I have never stitched with before. However, after a few practice runs I was ready and raring to go on the final garments.

Custom Clothing Made Easy

I started off simple by adding a patch pocket to a white top that I didn’t even know I had! I used a beautiful cotton floral fabric that had been sitting in my scraps box.

  1. I first started by drawing out the shape of my patch pocket onto some paper; I started simple by sticking with straight lines, but you can do virtually any shape you like from heart to diamond shaped pockets. Make sure to add a one centimetre seam allowance around all of the outside edges, for the top of my pocket I added a two and a half centimetre allowance to allow for some decorative stitching that I wanted to include.
  2. I then cut out the pocket and pressed the seam allowances using an iron and then pinnned in place.
  3. If you have stitching running along the top of your pocket this will need to be done before you pin it to your garment otherwise you’ll end up stitching the pocket closed.
  4. I then pinned the pocket to my t-shirt. To make sure that I positioned the pocket in the right place, I first pinned the pocket onto the top and then tried it on to make sure I was happy with the position and I could then make any final adjustments needed.
  5. Once happy with the position I stitched  five millimetres from the edge of the pocket to secure in place.
  6. I then gave the pocket one final press with the iron just to make sure all the edges were nice and crisp.

I then decided to try something a little more adventurous using some very pretty gold ribbon that I had, and a plain jersey vest top . . .

  1. I started by cutting the ribbon into between three and nine centimetre strips using pinking shears to help stop the ribbon
  2. I then started attaching the ribbon to the top using a small amount of fabric glue to secure the it in place, continuing to do this around the entire neckline of the top.
  3. I left this to dry and then trimmed some of the ribbons to a slightly shorter length. I had initially intended on folding over the edges of the ribbon so that they followed the line of the neck, however I liked it better as it was.
  4. Once dry I then stitched around the neckline using invisible thread just to make sure that the ribbons where extra secure.

When it comes to washing these garments, I will definitely be washing them by hand. It’s always best to carry this out first before popping the item in the washing machine with other clothing, just in case there are any accidents! Always make sure before customising any item of clothing, that what you are applying is waterproof and will stay put when the garment is washed, there’s nothing worse than spending hours making something for it to then be ruined in the wash.

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