Custom Clothing Made Easy : Part Two

Custom Clothing Made Easy : Part Two #diy #customclothing

Ever since I found out that there were dies you could put into a die cutting machine that would cut fabric I have been itching to give it a go.

Using a die to cut out the fabric pieces rather than the traditional scissors means that if you want to cut out multiples of something it is much quicker to do and they will also all look the same. I had a plain white child’s jersey t-shirt that needed a bit of a lift, and as it seems that spring has finally sprung, I decided that I wanted to incorporate florals into my design somewhere.

I choose a pretty floral design from the Sizzix Bigz range to use in the Big shot machine to add floral applique embellishments to the t-shirt giving it a lovely fresh, spring-time look . . .

Custom Clothing Made Easy : Part Two

How to Make

  1. Start by choosing your fabrics; I chose three different patterned ones, two quite busy and one plainer.
  2. Cut the fabrics into squares so that they completely cover the die.
  3. Sandwich the die and the fabric between two plastic plates and pass through the die cutting machine three to four times (you may need to pass the plate through more depending on the thickness of the fabric being used, a few trial runs may be helpful!).
  4. Layer the fabric petals on top of each other using the larger petals on the bottom, and the smaller ones on the top, creating a ‘stack’ of petals.
  5. Carefully place the petal ‘stack’ in position.
  6. Place a button centrally on the top petal of the flower and stitch in place. Make sure to pass through all of the layers of the fabric and then the garment.
  7. Continue to build and place more petal ‘stacks’ onto the garment until complete.

I am so pleased with the end result, I’m tempted to try something similar on one of my own tops!

As I wasn’t sure how many petals I would need I had quite a few leftover, instead of throwing them away I decided to make some decorative flowers, using a blob of glue on the back and then using green wire for the stem, a great way of brightening up the house!

Fabric Die Cut Flowers

Hints and Tips

Depending on the thickness of fabric you are using you can pass more than one layer of fabric through the die cutting machine at any one time. All of my fabrics were a lightweight cotton and I could successfully cut through four layers of fabric, make sure to do a trial run with some scrap fabric of a similar weight beforehand.

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