Cricut: How to Make a Personalised Baby Keepsake Box

Keep treasured items from your child’s first years safe and sound in a personalised keepsake box. Tailor the design on the lid of the box to suit your little ones favourite things, there are hundreds of designs within Cricut’s Design Space app, making it super-easy to create something truly one of a kind. The keepsake box makes a great gift for new parents or as a first Christmas or birthday present!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Create your design using Cricut Design Space. Select a fox design from the Design Space image library and resize so it it fits on the lid of your box. 

2. Change the colours to match the vinyl you are using. This is particularly helpful not only because it tells your Cricut to cut the layers on different mats, but it will be a good reference for you when it comes to layering your vinyl.

3. Add your sentiment using the fonts within Circut Design Space. To create a cursive font that cuts as full words rather than individual letters, start by ungrouping the letters, then rearranging them so that they overlap and join. Once happy with the positioning of the letters drag a selection box over them, then use the ‘Weld’ function to join them. 

4. Add any other decorations you’d like to cut to your canvas. I chose flowers which I layered up on the lid and sides of the box.

5. Follow the instructions on your screen to cut your vinyl.

Top tip: If you’re unsure which cut setting to use, do a test cut first. Cutting a small star is really helpful here as it is intricate enough to indicate whether your setting works.

6. Once all of your pieces have been cut, use transfer tape to transfer one layer at a time to your box. I found it easier to align everything neatly when stood up, looking at the top of the box from above. You can use the same piece of transfer tape multiple times when layering.

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