Cricut: How to Make a Merry Christmas Pennant Flag

Get your home Christmas ready with this statement pennant flag, perfect for hanging in the hallway to greet visitors, or as a focal point in your sitting room or kitchen. We’ve used a dark navy blue and gold foil iron-on vinyl to create our banner, but you could use any colour of fabric and iron-on vinyl you like to suit your interior style. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Login to Design Space, you will need Cricut Access for this project. Open a blank canvas and create a 58 x 58cm square and a 58 x 24cm triangle. With the ‘Actions’ and both shapes selected, click on ‘Weld. Use this as a template for your design.

2. Select ‘Image’ from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and type ‘Merry Christmas’ into the search bar. Select the design below and click ‘Insert’.

3. With the image selected, go to ‘Actions’ and click ‘UnGroup’.

4. Select the green and red shapes layer and delete from the design.

5. With the image selected, go to ‘Actions’ and ‘Duplicate’ the image.

6. With one of the images selected, select ‘Hide Contour’. Remove ‘Christmas’ from one and then repeat and remove ‘Merry’ from the other.

7. Reposition the ‘Merry’ and ‘Christmas’ words. Once happy with the layout, drag a selection box over the entire greeting and resize to 52cm wide.

8. Select ‘Image’ from the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and type ‘Holly’ into the search bar. Select the design below and click ‘Insert’.

9. Resize the ‘Holly’ to have a width of 26cm wide.

10. In ‘Layers’ recolour the Holly to the same colour as Merry Christmas. Check you are happy with the design and remove the flag template.

11. Click ‘Make It’ in the bottom right-hand corner and follow the on-screen instructions to cut the design.

Top Tip: When using Iron-on vinyl always make sure the mirror function on the mats is on so that the text reads from left to right once it’s ironed on.

12. Using a weeding tool, remove the negative pieces (the bits you don’t want to iron on) from your design. Once the piece is fully weeded place the piece to one side for later.

13. Take your fabric; make sure it is pressed well. With fabric chalk, mark out your flag shape. You will need to cut on the fold, with the fold being the top of the flag. The size of the flag including Seam allowance is 59 (W) x 83 (H)cm. If you prefer you could make a paper template first and then pin to the fabric to cut out. Cut one piece of interfacing and iron on to one side.

14. Set the fabric aside and make your fringe. Cut lengths of Women’s Institute Cream Home Cotton Aran Yarn, approx. 50cm, these can be trimmed at the end.

15. Tack on the fringe to the bottom of the flag, the fringe should be facing up towards the top.

16. With the right sides together, sew around the flag leaving a gap at both top ends big enough to fit the dowel and one big enough to be able to turn the flag through. Also making sure your fringe is sandwiched inside.

17. Press the seams well, turn through and press again.

18. Take your cut iron-on vinyl designs from earlier and place on top of the flag.

19. Use Cricut’s Interactive Guide » to determine the best settings to set your EasyPress to, then adhere the design one at a time to the flag.

20. Insert your dowel rod and you’re finished!

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