Cricut: How to Make a Felt Brooch

Your Cricut is an amazing tool that can cut a huge range of materials. Cutting felt is a doddle with the Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2, within a few quick clicks your machine will cut felt with great precision, creating wonderful floral brooches.

I have chosen to make pansy brooches, but why stop there? With a Cricut Access subscription, you have access to thousands upon thousands of images, so why not choose a design that suits you?

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Search for ‘pansy’ in the Cricut Library. The one I have used is #MA3C54 and is part of the 3D Floral Home Decor cartridge. Insert the image onto your canvas.

2. Resize the image to the size you would like. Remember that the finished product will be smaller than it appears as the felt pieces will overlap in places.

3. This is a perfect project to make in bulk. You will be able to make several brooches from the felt you have, so why not make a selection to sell at a craft fair or to give as gifts? To cut several flowers at once, select your project and click duplicate.

4. Click ‘Make It’ and follow the instructions on screen. Ensure your machine is set to the ‘felt’ setting. On the Explore, turn the dial to ‘custom’ and select ‘felt’ from the list. It is worth doing a quick test cut before starting your project so you can check that your machine is properly set up for the felt you are using.

Top Tip: To cut felt with the Cricut Explore Air or Air 2, you will need to apply a backing on it first (if you are using a Cricut Maker you’ll not need to do this step). Use Heat’n’Bond to put a thin layer on the back of your felt with your iron. This is really quick to do; just follow the instructions on the packet. The film it puts on the back won’t be visible in your finished project as it will be on the reverse of the brooch.

5. Once you have cut all of your pieces from each colour of felt, assemble the flower using a hot glue gun. I found it helpful to have the Cricut image in front of me for reference. Because the centres of the pansies are so small and felt is so delicate, it may tear- felt is, after all, delicate! If you don’t get the cut you want, cut a small circle by hand from the orange felt and attach using hot glue. I chose not to use the leaves in my project, but you could keep them if you wish.

Top Tip: With a hot melt glue gun, less really is more. If you’re too heavy-handed, you’ll end up with a gluey mess which isn’t as forgiving as regular tacky glue. If you’re new to using a hot melt glue gun, take the time to practice first. Start by applying a little pressure to release the glue- if you start by adding too little glue, you can always go back and add a little more, whereas it’s hard to remove glue that has already been applied.

6. To make the backing of the brooch, cut a piece of felt in the same purple as the flower to be slightly smaller than the front. Adhere this using a hot glue gun. Then take a small strip of felt, about 1 1/2 inch long by 3/4 inch wide. Put hot glue on each end of the strip to attach it to the back of your brooch. This will hold the safety pin in place.

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