Your Cricut Explore Christmas Stepper Card

Create an elegant stepper card with stunning filigree embellishments using the Cricut Explore or Explore Air and its online software, Design Space and a paper trimmer.

Extra texture has been added to the panels by embossing using the Cricut Cuttlebug and embossing folder.

You Will Need How to Make


1. Use the Cricut Trimmer to make the stepper card base as follows:

  • Cut A4 recycled card to measure 10 by 7 inches.
  • Place the card landscape (long side against the top ruler) into the trimmer and position the scoring blade at the bottom of the trimmer. Score the card from the bottom edge up to the 8 centimetre mark on the vertical ruler at: 2 centimetres, 4 centimetres, 8.4 centimeters and 19 centimetres. Score the card across the whole width at 5 inches.
  • Turn the card portrait with the unscored side to the left in line with the 8 centimetre mark. Using the cutting blade, cut a slit from the 2 centimetre score line to the 19 centimetre score line.
  • Use the scraper tool to strengthen the creases: mountain fold the 8 centimetres side and mountain, valley, mountain fold the other side.

2. Connect the Cricut Explore or Explore Air to the PC/laptop/Mac, log on to your Design Space account and create a new project. Click ‘Insert image’, click ‘cartridges’ and search for ‘Holly and Ivy’. Locate and select the ‘Reindeer’ (#MA8DOC) and the ‘Sleigh’ (#MA8DO7).

Your Cricut Explore Christmas Stepper Card #Christmas #Cricut #Papercraft
3. Resize the images as required by first highlighting the image and then dragging the corner point. The size appears in a black text box as the image is altered. For this project, the reindeer was sized at 1.9 by 2.5 inches and the sleigh was 3.2 by 2.1 inches.

Your Cricut Explore Christmas Stepper Card #Christmas #Cricut #Papercraft
4. To create the three decorative panels: click on ‘Insert shapes’ and select ‘square’. Unlock the padlock (bottom left icon on the image) and resize the image to be 3 by 5 inches. Repeat this to create two more panels measuring 3.7 by 2 inches and 3.7 by 2.5 inches.

Your Cricut Explore Christmas Stepper Card #Christmas #Cricut #Papercraft
5. Score and cut the panels from the forest cardstock and the deer and sleigh layers from red and dark green cardstock.

Top Tip…

6. Carefully remove the cut images from the cutting mat using the spatula; this will minimise the damage to the image and mat.

7. Carefully glue the layers of the deer and sleigh together using PVA glue and a glue pen and allow to dry.

8. Emboss the panel measuring 3.7 by 2 incesh using the Cuttlebug, appropriate cutting plates and the embossing folder.

Top Tip! this panel will be attached plain side to view so place it into the embossing folder plain side away from the raised dots.

9. Glue the panels to the card front. Attach the tartan ribbon to the side of the front panel. Tie a bow with the tartan ribbon and attach it towards the top of the ribbon.

Top Tip! If the ribbon is self-adhesive, rub a small amount of talc on to the adhesive before tying the bow; this will stop it being sticky!

10. Attach the deer and sleigh to the card making sure no adhesive protrudes from the card.

Your Cricut Explore Christmas Stepper Card #Christmas #Cricut #Papercraft

Your Cricut Explore Christmas Stepper Card #Christmas #Cricut #Papercraft

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