Your Cricut Explore Canvas Wall Art

Your Cricut Explore Canvas Wall Art #Cricut #HomeCraft

Creating your own canvas can be easy using the Cricut Explore. This project uses the Explore to make a mask from vinyl.

Try using different patterned papers and paint colours to achieve a new look or coordinate with your own home décor.

You Will Need How to Make

1. Connect the Cricut Explore to the pc/laptop/Mac, log on to your Design Space account and locate the ‘I Want to be with You Forever’ project.

Your Cricut Explore Canvas Wall Art #Cricut #HomeCraft

2. The project makes a canvas measuring 12 by 12 inch. To create the project as designed, click ‘Make it Now’. To resize the project or change the wording or font, click ‘customise’.

The Cricut Explore will use any Cricut font or your system fonts.

Your Cricut Explore Canvas Wall Art #Cricut #HomeCraft

3. Once the text has been customised, if required, cut the text from vinyl. Carefully remove the unwanted vinyl from the backing paper using the weeder tool. Use scrap pieces of vinyl to die cut the wording since it is discarded at the end.

Use the scraper tool to apply the vinyl to the cutting mat to ensure there are no air bubbles.

Your Cricut Explore Canvas Wall Art #Cricut #HomeCraft

4. Cut the patterned paper to fit within the edge of the canvas and glue it carefully into place.

5. Using Transfer Tape and the instructions written on the packaging, apply the vinyl wording where required on top of the patterned paper.

Rub over the lettering with the scraper tool to ensure good contact and no bleeding of paint underneath.

6. Paint over the whole canvas using white acrylic paint and allow to dry. Use the weeder tool to carefully remove the vinyl lettering to reveal the patterned paper underneath.

Your Cricut Explore Canvas Wall Art #Cricut #HomeCraft

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