Meet the Makers: Creative Entrepreneurs Super+Super

Creative Entrepreneurs Super+Super #MeetAMaker

Super+Super is the brainchild of lifestyle blogger Claire Culley and super DIY crafter Amy Phipps. Super+Super is all about getting crafty no matter what your ability or specialism.

They have their very own craft workshop in the lovely seaside town of Brighton, where they offer all manner of craft workshops and events from making fascinators to crocheting a granny square, all whilst being served an endless supply of tea and some tasty baked goods, what’s not to love?!

They’ve transferred their love of craft into the two books (Embroidery and Printmaking) and have two more on the way, so now everyone and anyone can get making!

Here we ask Claire and Amy what’s next on their crafting list to try their super crafty hands at, they’re five crafting essentials, and most importantly what’s next for Super+Super . . .

Creative Entrepreneurs Super+Super

Creative Entrepreneurs Super+Super #MeetAMaker

Tell us a little bit about yourselves? How did you both meet?

We met through a mutual friend that Claire shared her studio space with and who I had been friends with for a few years. We bonded instantly over a project our friend had asked us both to help her with and knew instantly we could work together well on creative projects like this one.

Have you always been creative?

Yes we both dabbled in different areas of craft growing up, Claire embroidery and sewing and Amy crochet and knitting and we both loved art at school! After school we both studied creative subjects at university, Claire Fashion Photography and Amy Fashion Textiles – Knitwear which both seemed like a natural progression!

How did the idea for Super+Super come about?

We had started to work on creative projects for our separate blogs and Claire then helped set my first blog up as she is the tech whizz in our duo. As we got to know each other better and design more and more projects together we’d joke about the idea of a craft based business and studio… and a year later we sat down and put pen to paper to write a business plan to do it for real!

Creative Entrepreneurs Super+Super #MeetAMaker

The Super+Super studio

What’s the best crafting technique you’ve ever learnt?

Oh that’s a tricky one as we are constantly coming across new techniques and areas of expertise to challenge ourselves! Claire’s would probably be screen printing and, although I do a lot of crochet, my favourite crafting technique is probably teneriffe lace which I learnt to make during my degree.

Any crafting disasters?

Ha plenty I’m sure! A cable knit jumper that ended up being a rather too fancy pillow on our couch springs to mind. It took almost four months to knit and then the yarn was discontinued!

What’s the next craft on your list to try your hand at?

I think we are going to re-visit patchwork and quilting and have some fun tie dye tutorials planned for the blog this coming summer!

What crafting area would you advise someone to start with if they’re new to the world of craft?

I think printmaking is a great area for beginners because you can achieve some amazing results with very basic techniques and almost no equipment. For example one of our favourite projects from the Printmaking book is the potato print T shirt which took an hour and is super chic! It’s all about the design you choose and how you style your projects, they needn’t be super technical to be credible! Craft is about exploring your own personal style and adapting projects to suite you.

Creative Entrepreneurs Super+Super #MeetAMaker

What are the five essential pieces of kit you couldn’t be without?

A four millimetre crochet hook, scalpel with changeable blades, cutting mat, stork scissors, notebook and pencil.

And for the future what’s next?

We are thrilled to have two more books coming out in the shops in May! Crochet and Paper Cutting are the third and fourth books in the Super+Super series and we can’t wait to shout about them! We will also be updating our website and doing a tonne of new craft and baking blogs AND are hoping to reveal some exciting collaborative projects in the autumn. Never a dull moment when you run your own craft business!

Printmaking and Embroidery are out now and Crochet and Paper Cutting are released on the 7 May (£12.99 each, published by GMC Publications).

If you want to learn more about Super+Super make sure to check out their website and Facebook page for the latest craft classes and workshops available.

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