How to Create a Christmas Scene Crate

Crates are growing incredibly popular due to the versatility of them… One of the best ways to use a crate is for packing and storing objects, so Christmas is the perfect time of year to use them! They are great for hampers or Christmas Eve boxes and can easily be decorated and personalised.

If your looking to create something special for Christmas this year – read on and find out how to make your own Christmas scene crate!

You Will Need

Crate »
White Posca Pens » – Different thicknesses

How to Make


1. Before drawing on the crate, draw some ideas and designs onto a piece of paper to see what works best.


2. For the design I created, draw a thick white line on each side of the crate. This is to create the start of the Christmas scene, a.k.a a wintery hill.


3. From this, start to draw different trees along the top of the hill. Draw lots of different trees – making some bigger, smaller, outlines, patterned etc.

Helpful Hint: Draw the trees in pencil before using anything permanent as this will create a guide for you to follow.

4. Finish the design by drawing snow drops around the whole of the crate and fill in the wintery hill with a thicker posca pen.



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