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I love glitter, I just never really know what to do with it. Usually most of the glitter ends up on my carpet rather than the item I originally stuck it to! But then I was told about a new way of applying it that would mean no more glittery carpet; simply mix the glitter in with clear drying glue (I used PVA) before applying it to your make. This way you can build up as many layers as you like, and then once happy with the coverage you apply a final coat of just the glue and then leave it to dry for a final time.

Top tip! If you want some sections of your jar to be glitter free use a low tack adhesive tape and mark out these areas, then apply the glitter mixture. The tape will then need to be removed before the mixture dries, as the glue will dry over the tape and will therefore come off when the tape is removed.

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I made some beautiful vases from upcycled jars, prettied up with some unloved glass candle holders, all in all a resounding success. Here’s how I made them –

I also experimented with glitter glue, I applied it in exactly the same way as the glitter that I’d mixed with PVA however, I did not apply a final coat of glue. I found that it dried a lot quicker than the mixture I’d used on the jars. The end results were very effective, with the candle holders looking pretty with and without lit candles in them.

There are so many different things you can do with glitter, take a look at the Hobbycraft Glitter Pinterest Board; full of beautiful glittery project inspiration!

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