Christmas Jumper KAL Part 2

Christmas Jumper KAL Part 2 #KAL #christmas #jumper #knitting #pattern

Are you ready for part 2 of our Christmas KAL? We hope so! This week we are moving on to the front of the jumper which is a bit more tricky but also the most fun part as you get to create your robin! Download part 2 here

Christmas Jumper KAL Part 2

The front begins the same as the back so it should be nice and easy as you have mastered it all after finishing the back.

The new technique to learn for the front is working with extra colours.

There are two different types of colourwork called intarsia and fairisle. You will need to learn both to knit the robin and here are some handy videos to show you the difference…


How To Knit The Fairisle Technique

When using the fairisle technique you carry all of the yarn that you are using along the row as you knit. This creates a thicker fabric and means every colour is to hand at all times. Fairisle is a good technique to use when you have lots of Carrying the yarn creates floats at the back of the work. You don’t want the floats to get too long so I recommend twisting the unused yarn every 5 sts to make the floats a reasonable size.

How To Knit The Intarsia Technique

The difference between Fairisle and Intarsia is that you don’t carry the yarn along the back of the work when using the intarsia technique. Instead you split the yarn into seperate balls and add a new ball when it is needed in the pattern. This technique is better to use when you have a large group of stitches in the colour so you are not carrying yarn across the back for no reason.

The front of the jumper uses both techniques so that it doesnt become to chunky. Use the intarsia technique for the main body but use the fairisle technique for the inside of the robin. For example, knit using yarn A until you need to start the chart, add in the correct colour leaving yarn A to the side. Work the correct stitches of the graph and then add in an extra ball of yarn A. Continue with a ball of  yarn A on each side of the robin throughout and only carrying along the colours within the robin at the back.

After working the robin continue with yarn A only until you shape the neck and cast off.

Share your photos with #SYKCXmas and let us know how you are getting on!

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