Christmas is… CAL Part Six

We can’t believe that we are on the final week of the Christmas Is… CAL already! A massive thank you to @the_wee_house_of_crochet and @lyndascraftroom for designing this amazing blanket.

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Christmas is..

You Will Need Abbreviations

ch – chain
dc – double crochet
tr – treble crochet
sl st – slip stitch

How To Make
Using Yarn B
Round 1
dc around your blanket making sure the top and bottom have the same amount of sts (must be an
even number) and each side has the same amount (must also be an even number). As a rough
guide place 1dc in the side of a dc row and 2dc in the side of a treble row. Don’t be afraid to add in
in stitches as and when needed to get the correct amounts.
Create your four corners by using 2dc, ch3, 2dc. Fasten off yarn B
Round 2
Using yarn C, join your yarn in the top of any dc from round 1. Ch3, tr in each st, 2tr, ch3, 2tr in
each corner ch3 space. Fasten off yarn C.
Round 3
Starting at any point along one of the sides join yarn A to the top of a tr and ch4. Remove your
hook and attach yarn B in the next tr, ch4. Remove your hook.
Step one: pick up yarn A, dc in next st, ch4, remove hook
Step two: pick up yarn B, dc in next st, ch4, remove hook
Rep these steps around your whole blanket, placing 2 sts in each ch3 corner space.
With yarn A sl st to join your last ch4 into the st you originally joined your yarn, rep for yarn B.
Fasten in all loose ends

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