Bunny Rabbit Twig Wreath

Bunny Rabbit Twig Wreath

This delightful bunny rabbit twig wreath is sure to put a smile on all of your visitors faces when they enter your home. It’s a cute make that you and the kids can have fun making together – and in just five easy steps you can give your guests the warmest of welcomes this Easter, whether outside your front door, or decorating a kid’s room. Because a wreath is for every season, not just for Christmas!…

Bunny Rabbit Twig Wreath

Allow : One hour 30 minutes
Skill level : Beginner

What you’ll Need

How to Make

  1. Start by binding the wreaths together using jewellery wire. To do this hold the two wreaths together and push the end of the wire through both wreaths and then loop back up again, repeat this process three or four times to make sure they are nice and secure. Cut the end of the wire using sharp wire cutters.
  2. Cut out two ear shapes from brown felt, using glue dots on the back of each ear to secure to your door.
  3. Using the wool make a pom, any size to suit (we made ours using two 10 cm diameter cardboard circles).
  4. Once the pom pom is complete use a couple of glue dots on the back to secure to the door.
  5. Tie a length of wool around the ‘neck’ area of the wreaths into a bow.

Hints and Tips

This wreath is best for an inside door and would look great on a children’s bedroom door! For a quirkier rabbit why not spray paint both wreaths to contrast against the colour of the wool you use?

Bunny Rabbit Twig Wreath

Bunny Rabbit Twig Wreath

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