Baby Crown Crochet Pattern

How to Crochet a Baby Crown #Crochet #RoyalBaby

If you have a friend or family member who’s recently had a little boy or girl, or you yourself have had a little one, then you NEED to get your crochet hook out and make up one of these super cute baby crowns!

Made from snuggly soft baby yarn, you could make one in any colour you like for your little prince or princess. . .

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern

Suitable for : Intermediates

Time to make : Two hours

You will need

This pattern is written in UK Crochet Terms –

  •  CH = Chain
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • TR = Treble Crochet
  • DTR = double Treble
  • SK = Skip a stitch
  • SS = Slip Stitch

How to Make

1. Begin by making a foundation chain of 63 – not too tight.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby
2. DC into the 3rd chain from the hook, then into every stitch across. (60 stitches) TURN.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby
3. CH4, ** SK1 stitch then TR into the next. CH 1 then repeat from ** to end (30 holes) TURN.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby
4. CH1, **SS into the 1st stitch, DC into the next, SK1 stitch then work 3xTR.s into the next. Work a DTR into the next THREE stitches, followed by 3 x TR’s into the next. SK1 stitch and work a DC into the next. Repeat from ** all the way along the next row beginning with a SS in the next stitch. (6 peaks) TURN.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby
5. CH1, SS into the 1st stitch, **DC into the next two stitches, work 2xTR’s into the next stitch. Into the next stitch work the following (TR followed by 3 CH, SS into the 3rd chain from the hook, just above the TR – this is called a Picot Stitch, add another TR into the same stitch.) work 2 x TR’s into the next stitch followed by a DC into the next TWO stitches. ***. SS the next FIVE stitches. Repeat from ** to ***. SS the final 3 stitches.

6. Break off the yarn and leave a long tail for sewing up.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby
7. Sew up the two sides of the crown with a neat whip stitch.

8. Thread the ribbon through the holes from the 2nd row, sewing them together to join at the back of the seam.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby
9. Add the sew-on gems to each of the 6 peaks at the front. Making sure that these are nice and secure.

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby

The finished crown . . .

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby

Baby Crown Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #Baby

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