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How to Draw Manga Chibi with ProMarkers

Discover how to use your promarkers with popular drawing style, manga. Manga chibi refers to ‘mini’ manga characters, and they’re perfect for beginners! Have a go with this step by step tutorial from Windsor and Newton.

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How to Draw a Manga Fairy with ProMarkers

Ever wondered what you can do with pro markers? These versatile pens are perfect for all types of illustration, but they lend themselves particularly well to Manga drawing especially. If you’ve never tried it before, give it a go with this step by step tutorial for a Manga fairy from…

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Meet the Artist: Peter Nelson

Are you an aspiring artist with coloured pencil at hand? Then read ahead and discover how Derwent artist Peter Nelson got started with the humble pencil and where it’s taken him to today… Tell us about you… I am a leisure artist who has been using coloured pencils for around…

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Inktense vs Watercolour Pencils

When choosing between pencils for your treasured art box, it’s not easy to understand the qualities of each and every pencil, especially when the selection on offer is so vast and varied. Read on to understand a bit more about the difference between Derwent Inktense pencils and regular watercolour pencils,…

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