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As we celebrate the start of our half price Art Sale, we had a quick chat with one of our colleagues, Charlotte, who is also an artist in her spare time, about what she loves about art and what inspires her.

What is your favourite medium?

Oil paints are my favourite medium because they have a fluidity and richness of colour to them that acrylic paints do not have. Although they may be pricey, the Daler Rowney Georgian range provide amazing quality and pigment for a very affordable price.

What projects are you working on now?

Having just graduated in June with a degree in Fine Art, I am currently experimenting with my subject matter and style of painting using a variety of techniques to create my work. I mostly paint figurative pieces, but also everything from flowers and natural forms to Disney.

What had been your favourite new product/discovery in the last year?

Despite not painting with acrylics, I have discovered that instead of just using a gesso to further prime my canvases, if I apply a coat of a Daler Rowney Graduate acrylic paint as a base, I can start my painting with a bold, vibrant colour and let the acrylic show through the oil in areas, create an interesting contrast in texture. I was surprised at just how pigmented and opaque this paint is, especially with it being very affordable (£3 each for 120ml).

Who is your favourite artist/inspiration?

My favourite artist is Frank Auerbach because of how he paints with such bold, bright colours and the way that he layers up his oil paint to create a really thick texture. His work has really inspired me to push the boundaries of my own oil paint, taking more risks in my paintings and using my hands in order to apply the thick paint in layers. Pop Art is another big inspiration in my work because of the sharp contrasts it exhibits in its style as well as the themes and narratives it tells.

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