9 Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

9 Easy Easter craft ideas for kids

Here are some fantastic Easter craft ideas out there to keep little ones preoccupied for a few hours or so, if you’re stuck for something to do. As Easter is just on the horizon, why not start your Easter crafting early with these great projects?


Egg CardsEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Cut out an egg shape from pretty paper and stick on a plain card.
  2. Add tiny dots using a three dimensional fabric pen and finish with a decorative bow.



Painted EggsEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Use soft lilac and pink to paint polystyrene eggs and leave to dry completely.
  2. Then, with a fine paintbrush, paint tiny dots on each egg in the contrasting colour and allow to dry.
  3. Finish with a tiny ribbon bow glued on the top of each egg.



Easter Egg Hunt BagsEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Cut out two pieces of felt measuring 18.5 centimetres by 22 centimetres.
  2. Glue a felt flower to the front of the bag and add a pretty button.
  3. Using running stitch and contrasting cotton, sew around three edges of the bag leaving the top section open approximately one centimetre from the edge of the fabric.
  4. Next, trim the edges using zigzag scissors (pinking shears).
  5. Cut two lengths of felt 3.5 centimetres by 33 centimetres for the handles. Use zigzag scissors on the edges before stitching to the top of the bag using running stitches.



Decorated Bunny Rabbit EggsEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Use pastel colours to paint polystyrene or hard boiled eggs and leave to dry.
  2. When the paint is completely dry, glue on two, three centimetre lengths of ribbon (five millimetres wide) in a cross shape for the whiskers and finish with a small button.
  3. Stick on the eyes.
  4. Cut out felt ears and glue on the back of the egg.
  5. Paint miniature terracotta flower pots to match and put the eggs in the pots.



Mini Gift PailsEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Paint small papier-mâché pails in pastel colours and leave to dry. 
  2. Using a stencil, paint a large initial on the front.
  3. Fill with chocolate eggs.



Personalised EggsEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Paint polystyrene or hard boiled eggs using pastel colours and leave to dry completely. 
  2. Decorate the painted eggs by sticking embroidered fabric initials on the top of each egg.



Bunny CupcakesEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Bake a batch of cupcakes and leave to cool down.
  2. Cut out a circle of roll out icing to decorate the top of each one.
  3. Use an icing tube to add small dots around the top.
  4. Make small Easter figures such as chicks and rabbits from icing to decorate the top of each cake.



Egg CosiesEasy Easter Crafts for Kids #Easter

  1. Cut out egg cosy shapes and ears from felt.
  2. Trim the edges with zigzag scissors. 
  3. Sew the egg cosy shapes together using running stitch, sandwiching the ears between the two layers of felt at the top (make sure you fold the bottom edges of the ears in to make them three dimensional).
  4. Add a small pompom for the nose, buttons for eyes and stitch three whiskers either side of the nose.


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