4 Fab Kids Craft Ideas for Gardening

4 Fab #Kids Ideas for #Gardening - #Tealight #lanterns

Whether you’re a keen gardener or simply want to create a lovely space to entertain outdoors, with the weather getting better now’s the time to get creative in the garden. Luckily, I’m here to help with four fab kids craft ideas for gardening!

There are lots of stylish things you can make to use outdoors, from seed boxes and planters to mosaic tables and tealights. Planters and pots can be transformed in all manner of ways, from decorating them with beads and jewels to paint effects, or even wrapping them in fabric.

Don’t forget the children either, they always love to help out in the garden so find projects they can get involved in too, such as planting seeds or making giant, colourful windmills. And if you have the space, think about dedicating a separate area to a vegetable garden. It’s really satisfying to see your produce growing – and you’ll be able to eat the results too!

1. Lighten Up4 Fab #Kids Ideas for #Gardening - #Tealight #Lanterns #diy

You Will Need
  • Glass Jar
  • Glass Paint
How to Make

Old glass jars look great as tealights. Paint using a stained glass stencil and glass paint. When they are dry, peel off the stencil for a more contemporary look. Thread beads on to wire and wrap around the neck of the jar to make a handle.

2. Seed Box and Planner

4 Fab #Kids Ideas for #Gardening - Seed box and Planner #gardening #diy

Skill level : Intermediate

Allow : One hour

You Will Need How to Make
  • Take a strip of quilling paper and put the end in the slot of the quilling tool. Turn the tool so the paper winds round the tip then hold it for a moment. Let go and turn the tool upside down, so that the coil falls off.
  • Use a toothpick with glue on to stick the paper. Hold until the glue dries.
  • Stick on the letters, butterflies and flowers.

 3. Plant Markers

4 Fab #Kids Ideas for #Gardening - Plant Markers #diy

You Will Need
  • Lolly Sticks
  • Fimo Clay
How to Make

Decorated lolly sticks make pretty plant markers. Simply cut out flower or butterfly shapes from Sculpey or Fimo modelling clay using cake cutters. Bake in the oven at 110°C for 30 minutes to harden. Then, using clear glue, stick the shapes on lolly sticks and write on plant names.


4. Gardening Aprons

4 Fab #Kids Ideas for #Gardening - Plant Markers #diy #Gardening #Apron

Allow : Two hours

Skill level : Intermediate

You Will Need
How to Make
  1. Cut two pieces of fabric for the ‘skirt’ and separate three pieces for the ‘ties’. Cut out some fabric for a pocket from the other two fabrics.
  2. Machine sew a one centimetre seam around three sides of the skirt, leaving the top open. trim the seam, snipping into the rounded corners. Turn right-side out and press flat. Make two darts either side of the skirt.
  3. Sew shorter pieces for ties on each end of the long piece and press flat. Fold fabric in half lenghtways and press. Turn a one centimetre seam around the edge and press. With right-side facing, position waistband/ties over the skirt and pin in place. Machine sew around the edges and then over the skirt itself.
  4. Put the two pieces of fabric for the pocket together, right sides facing, and sew around the curved edge. Trim seam and turn right way out. Press. Fold over teo centimetres on the top of the lining fabric and press. Turn a small hem on the top edge, turn on to outer  fabric and press. Sew across top edge. Position pocket on skirt of apron and sew around the curved edge, through all thicknesses of fabric. Sew down the middle of the pocket to make two smaller ones.
  5. Finally, sew on felt flowers with pom-poms or crochet-covered balls in the middle.

Top Tip!

Start a vegetable garden and soon you’ll be making home-made soup. Chop a couple of carrots, potatoes and leeks. Sweat in a saucepan with a little butter until the veg has softened. Add a pint of vegetable stock and simmer for 30 minutes. Adjust seasoning before serving.

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