22 Essential Jams to Make in Autumn

22 Essential Jams to Make #JamMaking #PreserveMaking

Have a glut of leftover fruit? There’s never been a better time to head into the kitchen and get making! It might still be August, but those of us who enjoy paring, canning and preserving know that it’s all about the preparation – that’s why, no matter your skill-level or taste preference, I’ve created this round-up of 22 essential jams to make in Autumn.

1. Go Traditional

2 and 3. Easy Apricot

3. Add Some Sparkle

5. Sweet Violets

6. Raspberry Ripples

7. A Hint of Herb

8. Vegetable Crunch

9. Citrus Scents

10. Curds and Wa-hey!

11 and 12. Just Peachy

13. Summer Salad

14 and 15. Merry Cherry

16. Currant Affairs

17. Grape Expectations

18. Mangoes in a Jam…

19. Kumquat May

20 and 21. Go Traditional #2

22. Spice Up Your Life

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