21 Animals to Make with Fat Quarters

21 Animals to make with fat quarters

Fat quarters are great for all manner of sewing projects, traditionally they’re used by quilters, however they are increasingly being used by sewers for lots of different projects.

Fat quarters are pre-cut pieces of fabric usually measuring 56 cenitmetres wide by 50 centimetres long, however they can sometimes be wider depending on the size the fabric was manufactured at.

You may be wondering where the odd name comes from – well . . . the quarter parts comes from the fact that originally fat quarters where cut a quarter of a metre wide by around 112 centimetres long, which is now referred to as a ‘skinny quarter’, however over the years this has developed, and now the measurement is slightly different (still the same surface area of fabric) and more square so that the sewer is able to get more of the pattern repeat and a more workable piece of fabric.

Inspired by all of the pretty and colourful fat quarters available, I have been scouring the web for some projects to get started. Here are 21 of the best animal makes with fat quarters!


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