20 Ways to Draw a Rose

20 Ways to Draw a Rose #draw #rose #art #technique #illustration #flower

Considering taking up drawing, or looking to expand your range of styles? Take a look at all these different ways to draw one of the most popular flowers, roses! From ’20 Ways to Draw Everything: With 180 Nature Themes from Cats and Tigers to Tulips and Trees’ by Lisa Congdon, Julia Kuo, and Eloise Renouf (Quarry Books, £14.99).

20 Ways to Draw a Rose

Whether you’re a complete beginner to art or have been experimenting for a while, it’s always good to have a helping hand and experiment with new styles and techniques. Plants and flowers, especially roses, are one of the most popular subjects to draw, but can also be difficult for beginners to envision in different ways. Take a look at 20 different ways you can recreate them in your art below – you can even download the PDF and copy them in the blank space provided!

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20 Ways to Draw a Rose #art #drawing #rose #artist

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