20 Astonishing Art Ideas for Kids

20 Astonishing Art Ideas for Kids #art #ideas #kids #craft

Art is a great activity for kids to get involved with – it’s accessible to all ages, can be done cheaply, and best of all, there are no restrictions to your creativity! If you need a few ideas to get them cracking on their own art projects this summer, take a look at these ideas.

coloured paper matisse work

Coloured Paper Matisse Art by Playful Learning

celery stamped fish

Celery Stamped Fish by Crafty Morning

button art tree

Button Art Tree by Simply Designing

paper plate painted dragon

Paper Plate Dragons by Pink Stripey Socks

surprise beasts drawing project

Surprise Beasts Drawing by Craft Whack

thumbprint pineapple

Thumbprint Pineapple by Beckham and Belle

paper plate flower art

Paper Plate Flower Art by Pink Stripey Socks

kids weather mobile

Kids Weather Mobile by Buggy and Buddy

nature paintbrushes

Nature Paintbrushes by Applegreen Cottage

heart string art

Heart String Art by Sugar Bee Crafts

inspirational paint splatter canvas

Inspirational Paint Splatter Canvas by Buggy and Buddy

funny face drawings

Picasso Style Faces by Le Dada de l’Enfant Terrible

footprints in the sand art

Beach Canvas Art by Christie’s Paint N Shop

glue art

Glue Art on Canvas by The Artful Parent

soap foam printing

Soap Foam Printing by Fireflies and Mud Pies

tissue transfer art

Tissue Transfer Art by It’s Always Autumn

spider web art

Spider Web Art by Let’s Lasso The Moon

canvas string art

Canvas String Art by Juggling Act Mama

textured hot air balloon

Textured Hot Air Balloon by Artsy Momma

swipe art

Swipe Art by Happy Mess Project

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