2 Ways to Make a Simple Geometric Wreath

Add an easy handmade touch to your home this Christmas with a simple geometric wreath. We love how easy these are to make, and the geometric style ticks all those trend boxes!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by deciding where you want your pick or spray to sit – experiment with different placings to see what you like best. Don’t forget to keep the hanging hole at the top! 

2. Unravel some wire and hold your pick or spray in place, then start winding the wire around the main stem, binding it to the wire frame underneath. 

3. Continue to wrap the wire around and up the stem. When you feel it is secure, cut the wire with cutters and make sure the end is tucked around the back. 

Top Tip!

If you find the end of the wire is poking out too much, or keeps catching, use a glue gun to stick it down or add a dot of glue to the end of the wire to cover the sharpness of the end.

4. If you need to, wire down some of the other branches of the spray into place to keep it in a nice formation.

2 Ways to Make a Simple Geometric Wreath #simple #geometric #wreath #gold #diy #christmas #home #craft

2 Ways to Make a Simple Geometric Wreath #simple #geometric #wreath #gold #diy #christmas #home #craft

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