2 Ways to Decorate Blank Christmas Decorations

Got hold of some of our polystyrene or mache blank decorations but not sure what to do with them? Here’s two ideas for how to get creative with your own Christmas decs!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

Geometric Polystyrene Stars

1. Begin by working out which areas you will paint in which colours. You want each facet to be a different colour, but you will have one less of one colour. For example, you will have 3 of two colours (blue and gold) and 4 of the other colour (pink).

2. Decide which order you would like to do your colours in – I chose pink, blue, then gold. Start painting all of the facets of one colour from the start eg, all the pink sides, making sure you account for the crossover area at the end, where you may need to swap the colour order around.

Top Tip! My colour order was pink-blue-gold so at the end I had to make sure the final two facets were swapped colours so that I didn’t have two of the same next to each other. This made my order: pink, blue, gold, pink, blue, gold, pink, blue, pink, gold.

3. Next, paint all of the blue facets, and then all of the gold. 4. Repaint any layers that look a little thin.  

Glitter Mache Shapes

1. Begin by laying down some newspaper to protect your work surface.

2. Using the PVA, dip your brush in the glue and apply in sections to your mache decoration. Don’t try to cover too much at once, or the glue will dry before you can add any glitter.

3. Take the glitter shaker, and gently shake over your glued areas, ensuring even courage.

4. Gently tap off any excess glitter onto the newspaper below, and hang to dry. Fold the newspaper in half and tip back into your glitter pot to eliminate waste.

5. To stop the glitter coming off your decorations, use hairspray or a coat of PVA glue.

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