2 Ways to Decorate Notebook Covers with Duck Washi Tape

2 Ways to Decorate Notebook Covers with Duck Washi Tape #craft #diy #notebook #washi #tape

I am a complete washi tape addict. I have a whole drawer in my craft room dedicated to the stuff! And now there’s even more designs to choose from thanks to folk at Duck Tape, with eight brand new designs!

Washi tape is an incredibly versatile material and can be used for a multitude of projects, it’s particularly good for decorating journal covers; there are lots of different designs that can be achieved. Following on from the recent loom weaving trend, I decided to try my hand at weaving with washi tape, slightly trickier and stickier but well worth the effort!

Skill Level: Beginners to intermediates

You Will Need
Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by drawing around the front cover of the journal onto white cardstock. Cut out using a paper trimmer to ensure a nice straight edge.

2. Cut the top left hand corner off at an angle using the image below as a guide.

3. Start to cover the card in alternating pieces of tape, starting in the middle and working your way outwards.

edit2016-02-27 18.35.13

4. Continue until the whole piece of card is covered in tape.

edit2016-02-27 18.38.15

5. Lift up alternate pieces of tape and stick a piece of tape running in the opposite direction to achieve a woven effect.

edit2016-02-27 18.41.53

6. Continue working your way down the card, alternating strands as you go down to create the woven effect. Fold any excess tape to the back of the card.

edit2016-02-27 18.47.13

7. Once complete adhere the washi tape piece to the front of your journal and then use Thicker stickers to spell out your chosen greeting. Use foam pads to slightly lift the letters off the cover to create a three dimensional effect.

edit2016-02-27 18.28.17


How to Make – Geometric design

1. Start by covering a 12 x 12″ piece of white cardstock in strips of washi tape, alternating the colours as you work your way across the page.

2. Draw around the outline of the front cover with a pencil. Using a ruler segment the space up into triangles and number each segment on the front in pencil. Take a reference image of this template and keep it to hand.

edit2016-02-27 18.10.22

3. Cut the template up using scissors. Take each triangle and place it number side up on the front of the card that you covered in tape in step one. Go around the template in pencil and then cut out. Number the back of the washi tape piece.

edit2016-02-27 18.13.21

4. Repeat the same process for the remaining triangles.

5. Secure the triangles to the front of the journal using double sided tape.

6. Cover the front of the journal in a sheet of tracing paper, wrapping the excess around to the inside of the front cover. Use masking tape to secure the tracing paper in place.

edit2016-02-27 18.16.16

7. Take a piece of kraft cardstock and cut it 0.5 centimetres smaller on each side than that of the journal, using a rotary trimmer to ensure a nice straight edge. Secure the kraft cardstock over the top of the masking tape with double sided tape.

edit2016-02-27 18.24.24

8.Use Thicker Stickers to spell out your greeting on the front of the journal.

edit2016-02-27 18.15.19

2 Ways to Decorate Notebook Covers with Duck Washi Tape #craft #diy #notebook #washi #tape




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