2 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Money Pots

2 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Money Pots #diy #money #pot #box #homecraft

If it’s your New Year’s resolution to save the pennies then these ceramic money boxes could be just the ticket. With a slot to pop the money into and no way for the money to come out – other than to smash it – it will keep your hard earned funds safely stowed away for a rainy day; perhaps you’re getting married or planning a once in a life-time holiday.

Resist temptation to crack out the hammer by beautifully decorating yours using craft paints, or if you’re after a super quick alternative, spray paints are a great option.

2 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Money Pots

You Will Need

Craft Essentials


How to Make – Geometric Design

1. Paint the entire money box in an off white shade of craft acrylic. You may need to apply more than one coat to get a nice even coverage.

2. Start masking off the design; I found it easier to design mine as I went, starting off with larger geometric shapes on the first ‘layer’ working up to smaller shapes in my second and third ‘layer’. Remove the tape between ‘layers’ to allow the geometric shapes to overlap.

3. Voila! you have yourself a pretty geometric money box ready to start collecting all of that loose change.

2 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Money Pots #diy #money #pot #box #homecraft

How to Make – Ombre design

1. Using a pencil roughly divide the jar into five equal sections.

2. Choose the colour that you wish to paint your jar – darker colours work best. Start off with the darkest/original colour at the bottom, gradually add white paint to create a lighter shade of the previous colour. Continue in this way until the entire jar has been covered.

3. Leave to dry.

4. Go around the bottom lip and narrow top of the jar with gold paint. More than coat will need to be applied; make sure that the previous coat has dried before applying the next.

5. To create the message on the front of your jar, sketch out your design first on paper and then transfer this to the jar in light pencil marks.

6. Go over the message with a black Sharpie pen and leave for 30 seconds until completely dry.

7. Adhere paper flowers around the greeting in the top right and bottom left corners using a glue gun or tacky glue.

2 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Money Pots #diy #money #pot #box #homecraft

Hints and Tips

If you’re after a much more simplistic look spray paints are an excellent alternative. For the below piggy money box I used Plastikote’s Gold Brilliant Metallic spray which dries super quick (touch dry in 20 minutes) and then used a Sharpie pen to draw on the eyes.

2 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Money Pots #diy #money #pot #box #homecraft

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