18 Ways to Craft Your Christmas Dinner Table

Perhaps the most important part of any Christmas day is the communal gathering of family and friends around the Christmas dinner table, and what better occasion is there to show off your festive crafting prowess? Take a look at the following 18 projects and find the inspiration you’ll need to produce a curated and memorable Christmas dinner table display.


Table Runners

The fantastic thing about taking the time to craft a high quality festive table runner is that it can be reused for years to come, and passed down from generation to generation. There are several different ways to create your table runner, each of varying levels of intricacy and impact. 



How to Sew a Christmas Table Runner on the Hobbycraft blog »

Use a Sewing Machine » to quilt some Festive Fat Quarters » into neat geometric patterns, and add colour and interest to the centre of the dinner table. Take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog for a step-by-step guide. There are several different festive Fat Quarter packs to choose from!



How to Print Festive Table Linen by Annie Sloan »

Take a look at Annie Sloan’s simple, Nordic-inspired printing tutorial and see just how easy it is to create a minimal, rustic table runner. Use Fabric Paint » and Christmas Stamps » to create a pattern of your own.



Star Bright Crochet Table Runner by Susan Lowman on All Free Crochet »

This glorious crochet star table runner will serve as an impressive decoration for the dinner table, or even around the house! This will work best with a high quality, heavy yarn.



Centerpieces are the focal point of your festive dinner table that all else moves around. If you have any space left in between the spuds and yorkshire puds, why not try your hand at crafting a warming, wintry scene?



How to Make a Woodland Cloche on the Hobbycraft blog »

Wooden Cloches » are an excellent way to elevate a centerpiece. Take a look at the above post from the Hobbycraft blog and see how you can create a miniature woodland world within yours using these fantastic Bottlebrush Trees ». What festive tales does it conjure?



DIY Yule Log Tutorial by Michelle at The Painted Hinge »

This traditional yule log looks absolutely fantastic in the centre of a dinner table, and adds some calming candles to the focal point of everybody’s gaze. Use some Artificial Holly » and Pine Cone Bunches » to achieve a similar look to that from the above tutorial.


Autumnal Floral Arrangements by Sophie Wolanski at Muck Floral via The Garden Edit »

These gorgeous photographs by The Garden Edit are taken of Florist Sophie Wolanski in action. Take inspiration from her work and words, and create your own floral table arrangement. Rosehips, poppy husks, firs and eucalyptus sprays can be combined together to create some truly breathtaking, rustic displays for your table on Christmas day.



Place Cards

Place cards are a nice touch that transform an everyday meal into an occasion. Make everybody feel special with their own personalised name card!



How to Make a Cricut Personalised Fillable Bauble on the Hobbycraft blog »

Create a multi-purpose name card and gift combo with these modern, personalised baubles. Use our Fillable Baubles » in handy family-sized packs in order to create one for each dinner guest!



DIY Pinecone Name Card Holder by Vena Esperanza »

These name cards are so sweet, and super simple to make! Just add a sprinkle of glitter and a small, banner-shaped tag to Pine Cones »!


Rosemary Wreath Place Cards by Camille Styles »

Rosemary is a wonderfully autumnal herb. Use Mini Wooden Wreaths », and a nice Calligraphy Pen » in order to craft these classy name cards.


Napkin Rings

Elevate your finest cutlery and napkins by presenting them in crafted rings and holders. The perfect finishing touch to your crafted Christmas dinner table.


cutlery wrap

How to Sew Christmas Cutlery Wraps on the Hobbycraft Blog »

Craft these neat cutlery wraps to match the sewn table runner, and present your finest tableware in style! Add some Ric Rac Ribbon » as a finishing touch. Take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog to see how it’s done.



Nature Napkin Ring tutorial by The Urban Acres »

Add further foliage to your Christmas festivities with these minimal napkin rings. Use Artificial Green Eucalyptus sprigs » around a metal ring to create a set that will last from one year to the next.



Acorn Napkin Rings by Girl Inspired »

These felted acorns are so innovative, and use what you can easily find in your back garden or local park! Pick Wool Roving » in a colour relevant to your colour scheme, and felt away! Read the above tutorial to find a step-by-step guide.


Christmas Crackers

It’s not a Christmas meal until it’s been initiated by a Christmas cracker pulling chain! Why not forgo the tacky crackers this year and craft your own. You’ll enjoy complete creative control over the exterior of the crackers, and the gifts held within!



How to Make Bright Christmas Crackers on the Hobbycraft blog »

Use these Gold Glitter Chunky Alphabet Stickers » to pop your own festive messages on your Christmas crackers. Fill with Colourful Confetti » and set your meal off with a bang!



How to Make Your Own Gorgeous Christmas Crackers by Eleanna Kotsikou »

This cracker tutorial is really in depth, and lets the beautifully chosen paper do all the talking! We have a huge selection of patterned papers to use, including these stunning Touch of Gold Wrapping Papers » that’d work a treat!



How to Make Rustic Kraft Christmas Crackers on the Hobbycraft blog »

These minimal Kraft crackers would sit very well alongside the Rustic Linen Table Runner, and Wooden Cloche Centrepiece! To find out how to make this classy cracker using our Decorate Your Own Crackers » kit, take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog.


Show-Stopping Cakes


How to Make a Hansel and Gretel Cake »

Have you ever seen a more mouthwatering cake?! Be sure to start the post-dinner party by taking a look at the above tutorial for the recipe and baking instructions. These Gingerbread Man Sugar Pipings » add the most jovial finishing touch!



How to Make a Salted Caramel and Toasted Pecan Cake »

This cake is so smart, and must taste absolutely delicious! Take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog to see the recipe and baking instructions. Why not take the display further by presenting the cake on a Glass Cake Stand »?



Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Bundt Cake With White Chocolate Matcha Glaze by Call Me Cupcake »

Linda at Call Me Cupcake bakes the most divine looking treats. This one is reminiscent of an after-eight, but with subtler, more earthy flavourings! Take a look at the recipe and more beautiful photographs of Linda’s creation over on her blog. 


What theme would your ideal Christmas dinner table have? Are you going to be crafting anything in particular for your festive meal this year? Let us know in the comments!

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