18 Handmade Gift Ideas for Pets and Their Humans

It’s always nice to include our furry and feathered friends during the gift giving season, and that’s why we’ve outlined some fantastic handmade gifting projects for you to create below. These would also be fantastic to give to friends who adore their pets! Have a read and get making –


Create a Christmas Box for your Pet using Hobbycraft Crates »

Decorate and personalise a Hobbycraft crate to reflect the personality of your beloved pet, and fill with their favourite treats and new toys for them to enjoy!


How to Make a Potato Print Stocking on the Hobbycraft blog »

Why should our furry friends miss out at Christmas? Give your pet a festive treat with this simple stamped linen stocking. It’s easy to make with a little fabric paint and a trusty potato.


How to Make a Menswear Mouse Toy by Martha Stewart »

Treat a kitty to a game of cat and mouse with a few dapper toys. There’s no mistaking these critters for the real thing- they’re constructed from brightly coloured suiting and shirting fabric.


How to Knit a Dog Draught Excluder on the Hobbycraft blog »

This cute dog draught excluder knitting pattern will help craft your favourite dog lover the perfect companion to keep the warmth of their home indoors this winter. Plus, if you’re new to knitting, this is a great make for beginners!


How to Make a Cute Homemade Dog Toy by Pillar Box Blue »

Making your own toys for your pets is a great way to not only recycle clothes that you’ll no longer use, but will save you money as well if your pooch has an affinity for destruction! Follow the tutorial linked above to find out how to create these sweet stuffed bone soft toys.


How to Make Fabric Birds on the Hobbycraft blog »

These sweet little fabric birds by designer Helen Philipps make a wonderful gift for those who enjoy the beauty of birds. You can machine- or hand-sew them, making this the perfect project for children to try. Just cut out your templates and sew!


How to Make a Personalised and Reversible Dog Bandanna by Pitter and Glink »

Create a stylish bandanna personlised for your beloved pet by following the above tutorial. This project is a really quick make, and it’s easy enough for a beginners to create. 


How to Sew a Cat Bed by See Kate Sew »

This modern cat bed would sit sweetly within any home. Follow the above linked tutorial by See Kate Sew to find out how to make your own.


How to Make a Square Knot Fleece Loop Tug Toy by Dalmation DIY »

Follow the above tutoring to find out how to weave a tug toy for your dog using soft fleece. 


How to Make Juggly Jellyfish Cat Toy by Hallmark »

What’s not to love about this jiggly dangle toy made with felt balls, elastic and leather cord? It’s a bouncy-pouncy kitty’s dream come true.


How to Make Golden Gummy Star Dog Treats by Dalmation DIY »

These golden gummy star treats are ridiculous easy to make, healthy, and dogs are wild for them. What’s not to love? This treat is a very simple twist on basic chicken stock gummies, using turmeric to infuse the gummies with a lovely natural golden colour (and extra healthy goodness).  


How to Make a DIY Burrow Dog Bed by Lia Griffith »

This project is a bit more advanced, so see it as a welcomed challenge for anyone wanting to explore their potential of their sewing machine! Have a look online or in store at Hobbycraft to find a fabric that matches your dog’s personality. You can even add a zipper to the side of our homemade dog bed so that you can easily remove the cover to throw it in the wash at any time.


How to Make a DIY Scrappy Pet Leash by Sew Can She »

Create a scrappy pet leash using your favourite fat quarters. Follow the tutorial above by Sew Can She to find out how.


How to Sew an Easy Pet Bandanna by Spoonflower »

Want to add a little flair or a splash of colour to your pet’s collar? As easy as they are cute, this DIY pet bandanna is guaranteed to have you and your pups jumping for joy. And with a free downloadable PDF pattern and video tutorial, you’ll be surprised how fast this project sews up. Grab your favourite fat quarter of fabric and get started!  


How to Make a Catnip Fish Toy by Martha Stewart »

This whimsical fish-shaped toy is sure to become one of your cat’s favourite playthings. Follow the simple tutorial linked above to find out how to make your own.


How to Make a Felt and Pom Pom Cockatoo by Lia Griffith »

Create these cute and cuddly creatures of the air! Using both felt and pom-poms, this incredibly easy cockatoo pet project will take no time at all, just follow the tutorial linked above.


How to Make a Pom Pom Bichon Frise by Pom Maker »

How cute and innovative is this make?! In this tutorial, you can learn how to make your own pom pom pet dog just with some yarn (no plastic eyes or nose to glue on) as well as how to add a cute tongue with an easy step, useful for any animal pompoms.


How to Crochet a Cat Cushion on the Hobbycraft blog »

Create this adorable cushion for the cat lover in your life by following the fantastic tutorial linked above by Tiam of @knitsafari. This project uses our cosiest Knitcraft Hug It Out yarns, and is totally customisable colour-wise!

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