16 DIY Duck Tape Ideas for Spring

16 DIY Duck tape ideas for Spring

We love a bit of duck tape – it’s so versatile for so many projects! Check out these top duck tape ideas for springtime makes…

Home Sweet Home

pastel duck tape wreath

Duck Tape Wreath by Burlap and Blue

duck tape light switch cover

Duck Tape Light Switch Covers by The Crafty Blog Stalker

pink duck tape wreath using pool noodle

Duck Tape Pool Noodle Wreath by Growing Up Gabel


Floral Fun

duck tape dandelions

Duck Tape Dandelions by 101 Duck Tape Crafts

duck tape daisies

Duck Tape Daisies by Beth Levin

duck tape flowers

Duck Tape Flowers by Tara Dennis

duck tape roses

Duck Tape Roses by Duck Brand

duck tape tulip pen

DIY Duck Tape Tulip Pen by Sober Julie

For the Kids

duck tape easter egg shapes

Duck Tape Easter Eggs by In the Playroom

duck tape quill

Duck Tape Quill by Parents Magazine

duck tape clipboard

Duck Tape Clipboard by Kristen Swain


duck tape boats

Duck Tape Boats by Mess for Less

duck tape tassel

Duck Tape Tassel Bookmark by Uncommon Designs




sticky nature bracelet

Duck Tape Nature Bracelets by Our House

duck tape bunny ears

How to Make Duck Tape Bunny Ears by Hobbycraft

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