15 World Cup Crafting Wonders!

The World Cup has come around again for another month of thrilling matches! Host a World Cup party to welcome in the games, including kids crafts, games, tasty treats, and take away gifts. Use the below projects and products as inspiration to dress your home and entertain your guests alongside the engrossing matches, or use some of these projects to entertain the kids when their attention span wanders from the match!


How to Make a Shoebox Football Table by Mum in the Mad House »

This simple make is the perfect way to entertain the kids whilst the match is playing. For this make you’ll only need a few crafting items, and it’s an innovative way to use up any old boxes. Get as creative as you like; add numbers to the ‘players’, swap colours to represent the differing teams, and decorate the pitch! Enjoy playing your own game of football alongside the pros at the World Cup!


How to Make a Football Cake on the Hobbycraft blog »

Create this impressive, round sponge cake decorated to look exactly like a football! Perfect for a centrepiece at your own World Cup party it is a fun bake that is super easy!


How to Make a Football Piñata by Mum in the Mad House »

This make is a fun way to entertain guests at your World Cup Party! Fill it with all sorts of goodies and crafty souvenirs! This craft is completely child-friendly, super easy and equally impressive; perfect for family fun!


World Cup Food Buffet

We found this image and couldn’t leave it out! Use it as inspiration to create your own flag snacking stations – perfect for a buffet table at your World Cup party.


How to Make Coloured Flags on the Hobbycraft blog »

Get the kids celebrating the World Cup with some coloured flags that they can make themselves, and will enjoy waving around – decorate to your own taste and adorn the flags with the team colours you’re supporting!

How to Make a DIY Shrinky Bracelet by Kid World Citizen »

This special keepsake is perfect to wear for the World Cup,  and only needing a few simple things makes this craft super easy and child-friendly! Wear with pride during the World Cup as you cheer your support for the pros!


How to Make a Crochet Football by Styles Idea »

This pattern makes a cute and soft football crochet ball. Use to decorate the kid’s room, or for your own World Cup party! A perfect decoration for the special day.


Football Mosaic Coaster Kit available online and in store at Hobbycraft


How to Make Paper Chains on the Hobbycraft blog »

Paper chains are a great, easy and quick to-do make for picnics and garden parties. They can be created by all the family, and in next to no time at all you’ll have more than enough. Customise to show the colours of the team you’re supporting! Make it as simple as you like; it’s completely versatile! 


How to Make World Cup Hama Bead Pictures by Red Ted Art »

Hama beads are a sure way to entertain kids during the run-up to the World Cup. Being simple and easy, this craft will be enjoyed by all and is a sure way to celebrate football through imaginative play!


How to Make a Guacamole Football Pitch by The Produce Mum »

A sure way to impress your guests, this guac football pitch is both delicious and creative! Easy, yet different, this appetizer is a sure way to channel that spirit for the World Cup – enjoy the celebrations in true avocado-goodness fashion!


How to Make Clay Bunitng on the Hobbycraft blog »

Looking to make something last minute to finish off the look for your World Cup Party? This craft is a quick and easy fix to that. Bunting is so versatile, you can make it from so many materials and can use an array of colours and patterns – that is why it is so great for so many different occasions!


How to Make Football Necklaces by Trash n2 Tees »

These football necklaces are the perfect adornment for the World Cup! Completely child-friendly, enjoy making these simple makes with all the family. Read the post linked above to find out how it’s done.


How to Make Tissue Paper Footballs by Activity Village »

Perfect for those little ones who may be too little to sit through an entire football match, this craft is super easy and child-friendly! Kids will love scrunching up the paper and sticking it to make a tissue paper football. Perfect for a way to entertain children during the World Cup whilst celebrating the occasion.


How to Make Giant Party Rosettes on the Hobbycraft blog »

Fold layers of coloured papers to create these giant party rosettes to hang inside or outside  – perfect for the World Cup – match to whichever country you’re supporting!


How to Make a Football Pop-Up Box Card by The Craft Blog »

This card is a creative crafty make perfect for those loved ones that are football-mad. Read the tutorial linked above to find out how to make this intermediate papercraft creation! Check out these Football Stick-On Card Toppers that would work a treat on a show-stopping card like this.


How to Make a Football Mason Jar by Crafty Mimic »

An easy way to re-use those old mason jars this football inspired jar is sure to impress. This make is befitting of the football spirit and is an easy decoration to make for your own World Cup party.


We’re always keen to see your crafts, and if you share your makes with us on Instagram using #Hobbycraft, you will be in with the chance of winning a £100 voucher each month! T&C’s apply.

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