15 Homemade Gifts for Your Festive Hampers

Hampers are the ultimate personalised gift – great fun to put together and super exciting to receive! Choosing your container, filling, and gifts with each person in mind enables the creation something that’s truly unique.

It’s nice to mix up shop bought gifts with a couple of items that have been handmade, so below we’ve put together 15 homemade gifts for you to include within your festive hampers this year.

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1. How to Make Soap on the Hobbycraft blog »

Soap is a classic go-to gift, but why not spice things up a bit by making your own? Take a look at our Soap Making range » online and in store, where you can find all you’ll need to create gorgeous soaps. Follow the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog for a step-by-step guide.



2. Mincemeat Clotted Cream Fudge by Patisserie Makes Perfect »

Who doesn’t love fudge?! These delicious-looking fudge pieces have mincemeat stirred into the recipe, subtly drawing upon traditional Christmas flavours. The recipe is also quick to make and easy to follow – head on over to Patisserie Makes Perfect to take a look for yourself!



3. How to Make Cake Pops on the Hobbycraft Blog »

Not only are these cake pops delicious, they’d also make fantastic decoration within your hamper. Co-ordinate the colours of the icing with the colour that most frequently appears in the rest of your gifts and wrapping for a truly well-thought-out appearance. Take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog archives to see how you can create your own using the Kitchencraft Silicone Cake Pop Mould »!



4. How to Make Heat-Free Infused Garlic, Chilli and Herb Olive Oil by Make Do and Spend »

This is a super easy one! Find some sweet glass containers, like these beautiful Assorted Clear Vintage Glass Bottles », fill with a nice quality olive oil, and infuse with garlic and chilli to taste. Finish off with Jute Twine » to achieve a rustic appearance, and then wait a week or two for the added flavours to naturally infuse the oil. Have a look at the above recipe by Make Spend and Do for an in depth how-to.



5. How to Make a Candle on the Hobbycraft Blog »

Candles, like soap, are a gift-giving classic, and also very easy to make yourself at home. Take a look at our Candle Making range » online and in store, where you’ll find the moulds, scents, and dyes that you’ll need. With creative control, you can create your recipients’ dream candle! Take a look at the tutorial above from the Hobbycraft blog for a candle making step-by-step guide.



6. Spiced Christmas Almonds by Deliciously Ella »

Sugar and spice almonds are the perfect Christmas snack, are quick to whip up, and look great presented in a Glass Storage Jar ». The perfect homemade filler for your hamper. Make sure to bookmark the above recipe by Deliciously Ella – you’ll be asked for it, no doubt!




7. How to Make Santa Lollipops on the Hobbycraft blog »

These Santa lollipops are so sweet, and like the cake pops would work beautifully as decoration within your hamper. Take a look at the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog to find out how you can easily make your own!



8. DIY Rose and Lavender Bath Salts by Anna at Don’t Cramp My Style »

Use Mineral and Dead Sea Salts » and Lavender Flowers » in combination with dried rose petals and essential oils to create your very own batch of bath salts. An indulgent gift for those in need of some relaxation! Why not find out what your recipients favourite scents are in order to create something truly personal? Follow the above tutorial by Anna at Don’t Cramp My Style to find out how it’s done!



10. How to Make a Terrarium on the Hobbycraft Blog »

Terrariums can come in all shapes and sizes, so how about finding one that fits snugly within your chosen hamper? Take a look at our Terrarium Supply range » online – there are plenty of containers and artificial succulents to choose from. If the recipient has a green thumb, forgo the artificial and pop some real succulents in! The above tutorial will give you some ideas of how to layer and compose your terrarium.



11. Homemade Gingerbread Crayons by Clare’s Little Tots »

What an excellent way to reuse those broken bits of wax crayons that find themselves at the bottom of the drawer! Follow the above tutorial by Clare’s Little Tots to see how easy it is to remold them. Use the Wilton Christmas Icon Cookie Tray » to add some festive variety to your new crayons!



12. How to Make Panforte and Florentines by Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery on the Hobbycraft blog »

The talented bunch over at Meg Rivers’ Artisan Bakery have provided us with two delicious Christmas baking recipes to share with you! Hop on over to the post linked above on the Hobbycraft blog and take a look for yourself. Your Christmas hamper recipients will thank you.



13. DIY Sea Clay Face Mask by Soap Queen »

A refreshing and clarifying clay mask is a gift perfect for anyone, and this handy tutorial from Soap Queen talks you through the process of making your own at home. Why not get extra crafty and use these Glass Storage Jars With Chalkboard Labels » to create rustic and reusable containers?




14. How to Make Clay Coasters on the Hobbycraft blog »

These clay coasters are so delicate, and make a high quality, functional gift. Follow the above tutorial from the Hobbycraft blog to find out how easy it is to make your own!



15. DIY Oatmeal Cookie Recipe Jar by Linda at Call Me Cupcake »

Recipe jars are the perfect way to introduce your recipient to one of your favourite baking recipes. Take the above oatmeal cookie recipe jar as an example, and see what concoctions you can come up with! There’s no better gift for a sweet tooth!


Which of the above ideas will you be trying this year? Let us know in the comments! 


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