15 Creative Ideas for Pancake Day

Batter up! It’s almost pancake time and we’re serving up lots of fun, tasty ways to make yours unique! Take a look at the 15 creative ideas below for inspiration, and get crafty this pancake day. From healthy, to sugar-filled, to stack-tastic masterpieces- we’ve got you covered.


How to Make Lace Heart Pancakes by Bite Delite »

These delicate doily pancakes look gorgeous, and would be equally as filling stacked up with syrup poured over the top. Use Wilton Squeeze Bottles » to bring your doily designs to life!


How to Make Mini Nutella and Strawberry Pancake Stacks on Supper in the Suburbs »

Mini pancake stacks are sweet in more ways than one! These mini Nutella and strawberry pancake stacks strike the perfect balance. Take a look at the tutorial linked above by Supper in the Suburbs to see how to make your own.


How to Make Confetti Sprinkle Pancakes on My Fussy Eater »

Make your pancake day a full-on fiesta with these glorious pancakes, generously sprinkled with an array of multi colour candies! Take your pick from out Edible Glitter & Sprinkles » range online and in store at Hobbycraft.


How to Make Rum Raisin Pancakes on Anna Banana »

These pancakes will certainly warm your cockles, and are full of wintry flavours. Settle down on pancake day evening in your comfiest clothes and tuck in! Take a look at the recipe by Anna Banana to find out how to make your own. 


How to Make Marbled Pancakes

Marbles pancakes look delightful stacked up and will make a welcome addition to your social feed on pancake day evening! Follow the simple instructions below to find out how you can replicate the pancake that we created above.

You Will NeedHow to Make
  1. Prepare the pan by oiling lightly
  2. Pour pancake mix into pan
  3. Drop small amounts of coloured pancake mix from your Wilton Squeeze Bottles
  4. Use a skewer to lightly mix the food colouring around into a marble pattern
  5. Wait until all mix is cooked underneath before flipping!


How to Make a Fruit Pancake Pizza on Recipes From a Pantry »

Turn your pancakes into pizzas by layering natural yogurt with an assortment of fresh, summery fruits. For extra pizzazz, why not add some Wafer Daisies » into the mix?


How to Make Cinnamon Roll Pancakes on Life in the Lofthouse »

Mmm…who doesn’t love a cinnamon swirl? Now you can enjoy the deliciously warm flavour of cinnamon spice within your pancakes! Follow the recipe linked above by Life in the Lofthouse to make your own.


How to Make Oat Pancakes on BBC Food »

These are possibly the ultimate breakfast pancake! Sure to be filling, top with fresh fruit and compote of your choice. Follow Nigella’s recipe above from the BBC Food website.


How to Make Rainbow Pancakes by Nook Cafe & Bar on Daniel Food Diary »

Create an impressive stack of multi-colour pancakes this pancake day by mixing a few drops of food colouring » into your batter. See how high your rainbow pancake stack can go!


How to Make Red Velvet Pancakes on Sandhya Hariharan »

These pancakes use natural food colouring of the beetroot to turn the mix a vibrant shade of re. Follow the recipe linked above by Sandhta Hariharan in order to find out the right combination of ingredients to make your own.


How to Make Bear Banana and Nutella Pancakes on Vogue »

These bear pancakes are very sweet, and use common pancake decorative ingredients in a creative way. You could omit the Nutella for a healthier alternative!


How to Make Vegan Blue-Berry Pancakes by Elephantastic Vegan »

These pancakes are vegan, and use blueberries to turn them a subtle blue colour. We bet they’re absolutely delicious! Head over the Elephantastic Vegan to find out how to make your own.


How to Make Gluten Free Unicorn Pancakes by Lydia Bakes »

How awesome does this unicorn pancake stack look!? Follow the tutorial linked above by Lydia Bakes to see the process of creation behind this masterpiece.


How to Make Lemon and Poppyseed Pancakes by The View from Great Island »

There’s nothing better than a handful of poppy seed to elevate any bake to the next level. Have a gander at this simple recipe linked above by The View from Great Island and find out how to make modern and sophisticated pancake stack of your own.


How to Make a Unicorn Head Pancake with Hobbycraft

It’s so easy to use Wilton Squeeze Bottles » in order to draw out your own pancake designs. Here, we’ve drawn a unicorn with a vibrant, flowing mane. If brights aren’t your thing, use less food colouring in your mixes in order to achieve pastel colours. Read the instructions below to find out how it’s done.

You Will NeedHow to Make
  1. Prepare the pan by oiling lightly
  2. Fill you Wilton Squeeze Bottles with pancake mixture and different food colouring
  3. Draw the outline of the unicorn in plain mix
  4. Add the mane in colour by colour, building up a colourful rainbow
  5. Add the unicorn horn in yellow
  6. Fill in the rest of the body using plain mix
  7. Wait until all mix is cooked underneath before flipping!

We’re always keen to see your crafts, so tag us @hobbycrafthq on Instagram, or @hobbycraft on Twitter using the #MakeItSpring hashtag.

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