10 Mixed Media Artists on Instagram to Love

10 Mixed Media Artists on Instagram to Love #mixed #media #artist #instagram

With so many awesome art products at amazing prices right now, we’ve got tons of equipment to get going on our next art project, but sometimes you need a spark of inspiration. Cue instagram, where you can find some truly amazing artists to inspire you, and get you off to a flying start – check out some of our favourites!

10 Mixed Media Artists on Instagram to Love

Scarlett’s Scraps

mixed media space art Scarlett’s scraps creates amazing galaxy-style paintings like above, amongst other great mixed media pieces. Her work tends to be bright and colourful, free flowing and fun, including working on painted pieces like the gumiponi’s above!

Zenyk Palagni

string art portraits He’s not technically on instragram himself, but he does have his own hashtag – #zenykpalagniuk. He is an incredible artist from Ukraine, who creates amazing portraits like the one above using only nails and string! Plus, you can find loads of cool videos of him in action.

Lucia Corsini

floral mixed media Lucia is a wonderful woman from Madrid who creates more traditional style mixed media art, based around florals and softer colours. Her style is a little reminiscent of Monet, with soft lines and gentle colours, with much of her work based around nature.

Stevey Seven

abstract art abstract black and white art Stevey Seven offers a completely different style of mixed media art to many – he incorporates digital elements into his work to come up with these amazing abstract pieces that can be highly emotional and give a punchy impact to the viewer.

Irit Avraham

mixed media canvas mixed media heart Irit is more of a crafts-based artist, using mixed media in pieces that can be worn and displayed inside the home, other than just on canvas. She works with all sorts of mediums aside from paint, including clay, beads, twine/yarn and wall paste, to name but a few!

Lauren Ammirati

mixed media faces A mixed media artist based in New York, Lauren Ammirati creates these quirky yet alluring portraits using wood, paints and photography. She takes her inspiration from pop art, as well as the environment around her, to create these unique pieces.

Gary Chessa

mixed media eye and paints An amateur photographer as well as a painter, Gary Chessa creates these amazing abstract canvases, that often seem chaotic at the same time as they are free. His recent work often features parts of the face, amid his signature paint splats and drips, and the best thing about his instagram is that he photographs his pieces as he builds them, showing you how he gets to the final piece.


pebeo art Eliza_Art is one of the more accessible artists of instagram, creating her beautiful fluid and organic pieces using Pebeo mixed media products. Her work features lots of colour and creates amazing lines, colours and textures all through the various Pebeo products, from prisme paints to fantasy moon metallic medium, to make these space-like effects.

Sarah Davidson

textile based mixed media collage Sarah Davidson’s work comes from an art textile background, which makes her mixed media pieces more textual and touchable than perhaps other artists. She always makes use of bright colours, esepcially yellows, which lend an upbeat feel to most of her work, despite sadder subject matter.

Connie Solera

Connie’s punchy style is colourful and distinct, often featuring classical images and portraits of people, in amidst abstract backgrounds. She loves to experiment and her playfulness can be felt in all her artwork, with a fearlessness that shows she’s not scared to push the boundaries or make mistakes!

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