10 Inspiring Embroidery Artists to Follow

Embroidery is as malleable as a paintbrush and paints, and it’s incredible to see each individual embroidery artist’s distinctive style when you dig deeper into this crafting trend. We have selected ten of the best embroidery artists on Instagram to share, who each have found different methods and colour palettes in which to curate their works. From those who embroider as a hobby, to those that have turned embroidery into a business – take a look and be inspired!


Boundary Defying Embroidery by Jaz Mulligan

Jaz creates sweet nature-inspired embroideries, and is currently experimenting with painting and dyeing her fabric before stitching, as well as implementing lights within her work to create an other-worldly feel. Follow along on her Instagram as she pushes the boundaries of traditional embroidery techniques!


Contemporary Decorative Embroidery by Kathi Smith

Follow along with the creative journey of our very own haberdashery expert, Kathi Smith, who creates many an embroidery project that you may recognise from the Hobbycraft blog, or within our Sewing Event workshops! Kathi’s contemporary work fits right in as decorative pieces within a modern home.


Modern, Scandi-inspired Plant Embroideries by Lemon Made Shop

The earthy colour palette used by Celeste Johnston of Lemon Made Shop lends itself perfectly to the Scandi, minimalist vibe. Follow along to see how she combines plants and mid-western motifs to create uniquely relaxed artworks that would look beautiful in any home.


Maricor/Maricar: Makers and Illustrators of Embroidered Things

This creative duo work together on briefs set by external brands and companies in order to create a fresh, modern, and intriguing portfolio of work. Follow their journey from idea conception to finished pieces – and watch their work head off to galleries around the world!


Western Print-inspired Embroidery Art Pieces by Sol Y Mano Studio

These South West inspired embroidery hoops use earthy colours and alternating textures to create subtle patterns. Follow along to see Nora Schuchat’s calming designs from watercolour illustrations to finishes pieces.


Folk-inspired Floral Embroidery by Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan creates bold and intense folk-inspired floral designs that bounce off of the fabric and pack a punch when combined with bold statements. See how Kelly uses different embroidery stitches to build up bulky textures that make you want to reach out and touch the work!


Nature-inspired Embroidery Artworks by salt_stitches

Inspired by natural textures such as mosses and lichen, embroidery artist salt_stitches pieces together detailed and utterly awe-inspiring artworks – each one harboring an entirely different set of colours and personalities.


Texture-filled Embroideries by Suzanna MC Espamer-Murrill

Fine Art student Suzanna MC Espamer-Murrill creates thick waterfalls of colour and texture – using large woven fabrics to allow the embroidering of thicker threads and yarns. Her latest collection sticks to a strict colour palette, which has created a series of abstract and impactful pieces that sit harmoniously amongst one another.


Embroidered Garments by Tessa Perlow

Tessa Perlow’s edgy embroideries sit naturally upon vintage garments, recycling and transforming them into art pieces in their own right.


Muted Embroidery Artworks by Woven Love Store

The colour palette chosen by this online store is glorious, and reminds us of sunny summer evenings and slow living. These simple, abstract designs are so effective and inspiring. Browse the Instagram account to get a full picture of the mood and style of this artist.


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