10 Easy Clay Makes for Kids

10 Easy clay makes for kids

Kids love getting messy, so clay is the perfect medium for them to get creative with. It’s so versatile, which means it’s great for all ages, and provides great sensory fun! Take a look below at this selection of 10 easy clay makes that are the perfect boredom-buster!


ice cream bunting

How to Make Ice Cream Bunting on the Hobbycraft blog » 

These look almost edible, but don’t be fooled! The key is in picking the yummiest pastel shades of paint!


strawberry clay bowl

How to Make a Strawberry Clay Bowl on the Hobbycraft blog »

Make a super sweet gift for someone’s birthday, and personalise with their initial or name!


clay bugs

How to Make Air Dry Clay Bugs on the Hobbycraft blog »

Kids are always fascinated by bugs, which makes this air dry clay bugs project perfect for a little learning too!


clay nature prints

How to Make Clay Nature Prints on the Hobbycraft blog »

Continue their scientific journey with a nature walk, and make some clay impressions of all the weird and wonderful plants you find!


air dry clay easter eggs

How to Make Clay Easter Egg Decorations on the Hobbycraft blog »

Get cracking on a project for Easter, and decorate your home with some fun Easter decorations – you can jazz them up with glitter, sequins and poms if you want!


continent map in clay

How to Make a 3D Continent Map of Australia on the Hobbycraft blog »

Discover the world in the form of clay, by mapping out the different continents and their geographic features!


african hut made from clay

How to Make an African Hut Model on the Hobbycraft blog »

Teach them about other cultures and what they do, as you make a traditional clay hut together – don’t forget to decorate with their own tribal markings!


clay volcano project

How to Make a Clay Volcano on the Hobbycraft blog »

Create something ‘spark-tacular’ using a jar and some clay, and recreate the activity of a real volcano – the kids will love watching it fizz and pop!


button turtle

How to Make a Button Mosaic Turtle on the Hobbycraft blog »

Everybody loves a friendly animal, so let them create their own with some buttons, clay and googly eyes – you don’t have to do a turtle, you can pick any animal!


air dry clay castle

How to Make an Air Dry Clay Castle on the Hobbycraft blog »

Play kings and queens with your very own handmade castle! Decorate in regal colours and flags of your own design…

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