10 Cute Tote Bag Designs to Stamp this Summer

10 Cute tote bags to stamp this Summer

Tote bags are the ideal summer accessory – they’re easy to carry, strong, roomy and best of all, they can be customised to suit your tastes! We can’t get enough of fabric stamping at the moment, so here’s some of our favourite designs for your summer tote.

10 Cute Tote Bag Designs to Stamp this Summer

handprinted nature prints on tote bag

Handprinted Nature Totes by Lulu Loves Handmade

block printed leaf bag

Block Print Leaf Bag by Coo and Co

linoleum block print circle bag

Linoleum Block Print Bag by Paper N Stitch

stencilled lace and initial bag

Stencilled Tote Bags by Let’s Just Build a House

sprinkles bag

Handprinted Tote by Brit & Co Studios

DIY Heart Print Bag by The Lovely Drawer

stamped bug tote bag

Stamped Bug Tote Bag by Natalie Wright


geometric stamped design

Stamped Tote Bag by Kollabora

DIY Eraser stamped tote

DIY Eraser Stamped Tote Bags by Domestic Fashionista

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