10 Creative Ways to Use Your Crayons

10 Creative Ways to Use Your Crayons #creative #crayon #craft #projects #kids

We all know that kids love crayons – they’re the perfect tool for drawing and colouring at any age. But what about getting more creative with these wonderful all-rounders? We’ve found 10 creative ways you can use your crayons for more than just colouring…

 crayon dinosaurs

Crayon Dinosaurs by With Love From Lou


crayon art

Crayon Initial Box Frame by Letteroom


layered crayon candles

Crayon Candles by Adventures in Making


crayon death star art

Crayon Death Star Art by Fun a Day


scratch off magic paper

Scratch Off Art by My Mommy Style

 crayon fabric painting

Crayon Fabric Painting by Kitchen Table Classroom


crayon fish

Foil Fish by Nurture Store


crayon sculpture

Crayon Sculpture by Meri Cherry


crayon playdough

Crayon Playdough by Sugar Aunts


melted crayon art

Melted Crayon Art by Mr Kate

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