Valentines Day Card Ideas

Make your Valentines Day with love. What better way to show someone that you love them than with a handmade valentines card? Whether you’re planning a champagne dinner for two, or romantic night in, bring joy to your loved one with a special treat that they can treasure forever.

DIY Heart Window Card

Express your love with this funky and unusual design.

Heart Window CardSuitable for : Intermediates

Time : Around five minutes

You will need

How to Make

  • Draw a heart in pencil onto the card and cut out to form a window.
  • Decorate a scrap of card (large enough to fit behind the window) with ribbons and borders then glue in place; sticky foam pads will make it more three dimensional.
  • Write a sentiment onto red paper, round the end, then glue into place.
  • Add a dotted pen decoration border to the window and add a few buttons to finish.

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