Tattered Lace Good Luck Cats Card

Good Luck Cats Tattered Lace Card

They say it’s good luck if a black cat crosses your path and, with this Tattered Lace Good Luck Cats Card, your lucky recipient will have three of them for thrice the good fortune! This card making project is just purr-fect for all the feline lovers in your life.

Tattered Lace Good Luck Cats Card

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Cut three cats from black card, two primrose flourishes from white card and the Good Luck from the burgundy card.
  2. First use spray adhesive to coat the Primrose die cuts and cover with glitter, pop to one side to dry.
  3. Cut a piece of patterned background to approx 19cm x 9cm and use double sided tape to attach to burgundy card. Cut the burgundy card down so that you can see a small border of approx 2mm on each edge and then attach this to the card front
  4. Place your primrose flourishes in the top right and bottom left corners of the card front. Attach these using small pieces of 3d foam around the larger areas and the glue and fine tips to catch the edges of the flourish to the card.
  5. Next position one cat in the centre of the card using 3d foam, then place one above to the left and one below to the right before finishing by using glue and fine tips to attach the Good Luck above the central cat.
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