Tablet Crochet Pattern

Tablet Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #TabletCover
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Brought to you with Boodles by Avec.

Boodles textile yarn is taking the world of crochet by storm. It’s chunky and easy to work with – which makes it great for beginners into this loopy craft as you can easily and quickly work up crochet projects. This tablet crochet pattern is perfect to give as a gift, or make for yourself. Plus, it can be easily be embellished with ribbon, buttons or pins.

Tablet Crochet Pattern

You Will Need

Abbreviations used :

  1. ch = chain stitch
  2. slst = slip stitch
  3. dc = double crochet

How to Make

Work in rounds instead of turning your work after each row. Start with an adjustable ring, ch12.

  1. Round 1: Start in 2nd ch from hook and dc11, 3dc in ring and pull gently to tighten. Continue round to the other side and dc9, 2dc in last dc and join with a slst (=25dc)
  2. Round 2: ch1, 25slst in back loops, join with a slst (=25slst)
  3. Round 3-17: ch1, dc in each dc around, join with a slst (=25dc)
  4. Don’t cut your thread but turn your work around and continue the flap with:
  5. Row 1: ch1, dc9 in front loops, turn
  6. Row 2: ch1, dc9 in back loops, turn
  7. Row 3: ch9, skip 8dc, slst 1 in last dc turn
  8. Row 4: ch1, dc14 in ch9 space, turn
  9. Row 5: ch1, dc7 across row 2, fasten off
  10. Weave in all loose ends and trim off any loose threads

Top Tip!

Because this material is salvaged from the textile fashion industry, structure, length and thickness may vary. Make sure that you measure your work every now and then and, if needed, adjust the amount of stitches and rows.

Tablet Crochet Pattern #CrochetPattern #TabletCover

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