Sweet Fimo Bracelet

  • Please note this project is intended for adults. The sweet shapes are not edible.
  • To make the layered sweet shapes you will need to roll out half a block of white Fimo to a thickness of roughly 3mm. Roll out orange Fimo to 6mm. Roll out black Fimo to 3mm. Layer up the pieces – white, black, orange, black, white. Press together and slice into cubes roughly 1cm wide with a craft knife. Make similar sweet shapes with a light brown centre. Layer up white, black and brown.
  • To make a pink sweet shape with a black centre – roll the pink Fimo to a thickness of 3mm. Make a sausage from black Fimo, roughly 6mm thick. Roll the pink flat piece around the black sausage 2 times. Roll together and slice into 1cm sections using a craft knife. Do the same with yellow and black to create a yellow sweet shape with a black centre.
  • For the tube sweet shapes, start by making an orange sausage about 6mm in thickness. Roll out black Fimo to 3mm and roll around the orange sausage. Cut it into sections 2cm long to make tubular sweet shapes.
  • To make a bracelet poke holes in the sweets with a safety pin. Make the hole big enough for sheering elastic to go through. Test that the hole is big enough before hardening the Fimo.
  • Harden and cool the sweet bead shapes as directed on the packet. Add a coat of lacquer to the cooled beads and thread them onto black sheering elastic. To strengthen the bracelet ? thread the elastic through the beads twice and knot securely.
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