Summer Sunshine Bracelet

  • Cut a 25cm length of gold beading wire.
  • Thread a silver crimp onto the wire. Using the round nose pliers toform a loop at one end of the wire, push the ends of the wires backthrough the crimp and gently pull the longer length of the wireuntil the loop is 3mm in diameter. Squeeze the crimp with flat nosepliers to secure the loop. Cut off excess wire leaving a small end.This will be pushed into the first bead and will not be seen.
  • Arrange the beads, as per picture or in your chosen pattern, on thebead mat and then thread onto the gold beading wire, threadingthree gold jump rings between each bead.
  • Finish by creating a loop using the same process as in stage 2.
  • Open one 6mm jump ring and add one part of the toggle clasp andthe Moustache charm. Then attach to one of the end loops and close.Open the other 6mm jump ring, add the second part of the toggleclasp, attach to the other loop a
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