Papercut Hanging Paper Rosettes

#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

Papercutting for Special Occasions by Emily HogarthAll imagery and text courtesy of Papercutting for Special Occasions by Emily Hogarth published by Search Press Ltd

These decorations look lovely hanging from a window or grouped together above a table to create a centerpiece for the room; alternatively, make miniature versions to hang from a festive tree. I have added paper-cut details to mine, but they also look lovely as plain folded paper rosettes.

How to make Papercut Hanging Paper Rosettes

Skill level: Beginner

You will need

Choosing materials

As you have to make lots of folds for this project, use a lightweight paper. Although you are using three sheets of paper, I recommend  that they are all the same colour or pattern, so that the final rosette looks like one large piece of paper.


#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

How to make

1. Cut out template.

2. With a bone folder, accordion fold your three sheets of paper lengthwise, one at a time, so that the folds are the same width as the template (about three and a quarter inch/two centimetres). Make sure that you make the same number of folds in each piece of paper.

3. Fold each of the paper concertinas in half widthwise, pressing down firmly to make a sharp centre crease.

#Papercutting for Special Occasions by Emily Hogarth

4. Using invisible tape, attach the template to one of the folded sheets of paper, aligning the dotted line on the template with the centre fold you have just made.

#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

5. Using a pair of scissors, cut out the white areas of the template and the first folded sheet of paper at the same time. Unless you are using very lightweight paper, it is advisable to use scissors rather than a craft knife for this project as you are cutting through so many folded layers. Remove the template and repeat with the other two folded pieces of paper.

#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

6. Open out the center crease. Attach a piece of double-sided tape along the edge of the folded paper on one side of the center crease, then peel off the backing paper and press the other half of the folded paper strip on top.

#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

7. Repeat step six with each folded section in turn, then secure all three sections together in the same way to create one full circular paper rosette. (If you want to keep your decorations flat until the party, then leave the two final sections unstuck until you are ready to hang them.)

#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

8. Once you have finished your rosettes, pierce a small hole in the top of each one with a needle or a craft knife and thread through some ribbon so that you can hang them.#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

The finished hanging paper rosettes . . .

#papercutting for special occasions by Emily Hogarth #party #diy

 Hints and Tips

Be careful not to overcut the areas on the fold otherwise the design will not hold together when unfolded.

If you are planning to make lots of these for a big party, then it’s a good idea to partially complete them up to step seven, leaving the final two sides unstuck until you are ready to hang them. This way you can store them flat, which saves room and prevents the decorations from getting squashed or damaged.

Hang your finished rosettes individually or in clusters of odd numbers for a really lovely homemade decoration, in a variety of colors, sizes, and motifs.

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