November 2013 Make of the Month

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Congratulations to Wan-Tchi Foo!

In November we had 226 entries for Hobbycraft Make of the Month Competition! As always, it was a tough job to judge, but we finally picked a fantastic winner – plus 12 runners up! Thank you for all of the amazing entries we received.

Wan-Tchi Foo was our deserved winner this month with their intricate FIMO creation. Celebrity crafter and guest judge Stephanie Weightman commented that “The Alchemist is my favourite book and the explanation was simply amazing”. Here’s what the delighted winner told us about their make :

“I was inspired to make this from FIMO and wire mesh after reading Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’. Dreams played an important role in the book and we all have them but so many are forgotten or not acted upon. Dreams are very personal like letters written just for us so I wondered what if they appeared as little winged envelops with our names on them and it was the responsibility of a solitary man to sail through the sky in the Land of Dreams to catch them. When released at the border that separates the Land of Dreams and Reality, that little dream becomes more than just an idea. It becomes a strong desire and it is then up to us to choose whether or not to act upon it. ”

Use the thumbnails below to be inspired by all of the winners for November, or check out the full November Gallery.

Winner’s Gallery

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